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    M923A2 starting issue

    My M923a2 has a gremlin I have not been able to figure out. When I go to start it cold, usually it will chatter the starter a couple quick times and then fully crank and start right up. Once it warms up a little bit and I shut the engine down and I attempt to restart the truck it will just...

    M923A2 Air Compressor Rebuild Parts

    Can anyone point me to where I can purchase the parts to rebuild the air compressor on my M923A2? The compressor failed on me last Sunday, and I barely made it back home. I checked the whole truck for leaks, and did not find any. I recently rebuilt the air dryer, so that was not the problem...

    CB Compatible Antenna

    Hello all. I purchased two CB radios for my M923A2 and M35a2, so my dad and I can communicate while we are on the road. I'm looking for the correct antenna mounts and actual antennas (if possible) to use with the radios. I would love to keep all military equipment, but if I can use a military...

    Remote start

    Has anyone thought about installing a remote starter in a 900 series truck? I was thinking it would be possible. I'm not sure if there is 24v remote starters, but I have a 12v circuit that I could use to power the unit...and then maybe use a relay that trips with 12v and outputs the 24v. Not...

    M923a2 problem

    Hi, I need to bounce a problem I am having off of everyone. When my M923a2 is cold, it starts right up like a top. After I drive it and warm it up, then shut it off, it gives me a really hard time starting...sometimes so hard I can't get it to. I'm not sure where this problem lies. Could it be a...

    M923a2 Air Dryer rebuild

    Can someone please point me in the right direction to rebuild my air dryer on my M923a2? I have searched and found a couple threads that kind of help me but still don't leave me confident. I can use the training manual to do the rebuilding, I just need the right parts. The military painted over...

    Gave my M923A2 a fresh paint job...

    I gave the truck a nice fresh Rapco 383 camo paint job this past weekend. It started to rain so I didnt get to finish the tires and a couple other parts. I also installed my new led headlights, tailights and running lights. Painting the camo wasnt as bad as I expected, it was actually easier...

    Painted my trailer, and need some help.

    Last weekend we fully repainted our trailer and generator. I will attach some pictures for you guys to check out. I need some help finding a cover for this particular trailer. The plate says its an M103A3, and from my understanding that is really just the chassis designation. I cannot find a...

    My new M923A2

    Hey guys, just picked my new M923 from Aberdeen Proving Grounds today. Im glad we got there early, that place is really confusing. The truck is really nice. Came with a brand new cargo cover, chain hoist and a slave cable. The paint is in pretty good shape as well, just a little bit of the CARC...

    Legally driving home

    Hello, I just won a M923 from GL. It was the one displayed at Aberdeen military show. This is my first purchase from GL and I am unsure of the specifics. I live in NJ and the truck is located in Aberdeen. How can I legally drive this truck home without having the title? Is there a temporary...

    Our Deuce from start to (almost) finish!

    Hello fellow Deuce owners! My father and I purchased our first Deuce about a year ago and have been working hard on it ever since. Thanks to this site and its wealth of knowledge we have come a long way and learned a lot! Its true nothing is easy on these trucks but with the TM's by our side...
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