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  1. INFChief

    NY HEMMTT Wrecker control box

    Here’s a HEMMTT wrecker junction / control box. NIB. $400 plus shipping.
  2. INFChief

    NY Commo racks plus

    I’ve got the radio rack, computer rack, cables, base plate, and antenna mount (Blue Force PLGR)? Came out of a M1083A1. Removed to install 3rd seat. Shipping would be painful as this is not compact nor light so local pickup or you arrange for shipping with pickup from my house. $300 for...
  3. INFChief

    4L80 Test set SuperFlow Supershifter

    I did not see a tools section & I’m not quite ready to list this in the classifieds section as I know nothing about these. I have 2 sets. I have not attempted to hook these up to any transmissions to see if they function properly. One is complete and everything turns on. One has a burned up...
  4. INFChief

    FMTV Brake drum fitment

    I searched the forum using key words & phrases but came up empty. Preface: Perhaps this info will be helpful in pinpointing the “limp” as well as the brake shoe concern. I picked up Goodyear tires months ago to specifically swap out the Michelins. The more I drove the truck I noticed a “limp”...
  5. INFChief

    # of FMTV’s released in to the wild

    Anyone have an idea how many FMTV’s have been turned over on the surplus market? LMTV & FMTV’s by model #?
  6. INFChief

    Welding & vehicle electronics

    I’m watching a YouTube vid where a guy is fabricating a CL III hitch. He brought up, and should the warning label on the vehicle) where the batteries need to be disconnected (and maybe a couple of other precautions taken) otherwise electronic component could be damaged. Sounds plausible but...
  7. INFChief

    Home Brew

    It’s most likely my stellar technological ability that is the problem…but I haven’t seen a post in this section about home brew. I made a 7 gallon copper pot still, thumper, and condenser but haven’t used it yet. I may make another and apply improvements on my design and construction. I also...
  8. INFChief

    Fan blade - replaced

    Today I replaced my fan blade because it was cracked. Picked up a good take-off from Wheelspinner a couple of months ago. I followed the TM - to a point. To remove the upper shroud we’re supposed to remove both of the air charger lines and the upper radiator hose. I did not remove the...
  9. INFChief

    Transmission oil cooler

    When is the last time you hosed out the transmission oil cooler fins? Ran the hose through mine today. Could not believe the amount of fine dirt / silt that I flushed out. Take 5 to 10 minutes and run water through yours to make sure it doesn’t clog and cause that expensive tranny to fail.
  10. INFChief

    Top speed - highway

    Warrior Wagon has been in the road 2X since becoming legal. Top speed with those knobby tires was 57 - 59 MPH. Frankly, that’s fast enough for a vehicle like that. She steers nice and drives like a bus - with a slight bounce and a bit of road noise.
  11. INFChief

    State safety inspections

    Getting the M1083A1 inspected this month at 1000. I’ve only had pickups and cars inspected before so I’m not sure what to expect. I’m curious to see what sort of reaction this small town hay-shaker inspector will have. Lol
  12. INFChief

    NY MTV Insurance in NY - M1083A1

    In a call to USAA a couple of months ago I inquired about insurance for my truck. The USAA Rep said they don’t insure military vehicles and gave me no options. Received the SF97 yesterday so I started back down the insurance trail. Called USAA (just for giggles) expecting the same response. To...
  13. INFChief

    Thank you

    Thank you to whoever gives members awards & trophies. If I could figure it out I would thank you in person.
  14. INFChief

    5 gallon fuel can mounting

    Anyone carry a 5 gallon Jerry can? Where did you mount it? Pictures always helpful!
  15. INFChief

    FMTV back up alarm

    I picked up this back up alarm. I can figure it out but was wondering if anyone has had any experience with them. It appears to be powered through the back up light when REVERSE is selected. There is a rocker switch that gets mounted on the dash. TomTime suggested the rocker switch is to...
  16. INFChief

    MILSPEC 2 conductor 16 ga shielded cable

    Anyone know where I can purchase MILSPEC cable? I want a 2 conductor (16 ga) stranded cable that’s black rubber shielded. I need about 100’. TIA
  17. INFChief

    Member tow bars

    I needed to share my experience with TomTime. He listed some very nice tow bars at $200 each. These tow bars are in excellent condition and the price is UNBEATABLE! Tom has a very nice 1083A1 which he gave me the walk through on. It would not surprise me if his rig made the FMTV of the month...
  18. INFChief

    Irony - no question

    I received a letter from DLA (Defense Logistics Agency) regarding my M1083A1 purchase. The letter describes the penalty (ies) for selling, giving, disposing, or otherwise transferring my M1083A1 to foreign entities. Yet the US walks out of Afghanistan leaving trillions of dollars worth of...
  19. INFChief

    Cab heater

    First, my engine temp gauge doesn’t work. Did a visual inspection (except behind the instrument cluster) and will now go in a check voltages / resistance. My cab heater is so anemic that it ought to be AC. The Dan blows in all 3 speeds and the vent/heater/defroster controls all seem to work. I...
  20. INFChief

    Tire studs?

    Looking at a set of Goodyear 395’s. It appears there are metal studs down in between the treads. What’s that all about? TIA
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