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  1. Garagefull

    7520lbs and 130 hp

    As the title says. Scales at the landfill said 7520 LBS. Somethings going to have to give, 130 hp is simply not getting the job done. The Duramax conversion is too darn much money, A turbo is not going to help much way down low. I said that I would never do another Cummins conversion, as they...
  2. Garagefull

    Wake Island Survivors

    We cannot forget these men. Abandoned in the middle of the Pacific. If you are unfamiliar with this terrible time in history, please take a couple minutes and put yourself in their place all thise years ago. Try to picture the timeline of events that transpired after December 7 for these men. My...
  3. Garagefull

    M1031 genset head

    Been doing a little refreshing on the old truck. A fresh Inj. pump, Filters etc. so I go to use the generator today, RPMs come up, air compressor kicked on and everything went dead. Got the meter out and open the distribution panel and measured directly off the leads coming from the gen head. I...
  4. Garagefull

    50/50 crude oil mix

    Just ran a tank of 50/50 crude-diesel through the old girl.Other than quieting down the motor dramatically, it appeared to run just as well as straight diesel. I may refine my filter setup,but the gauge on my small transfer pump didn't show any blockage in the filter. After I filtered it I just...
  5. Garagefull

    Driveshaft splines

    The 6-inch lift has the factory driveshaft all the way at the end of the splines (stretched to the maximum length). So with the shackles being at the rear of the leaf spring, I assume that I should measure to split the spline travel to be in the middle?with the shackle being in the rear is going...
  6. Garagefull

    Injection pump woes I think

    I recently acquired an m1031. Unfortunately I inherited the truck from my father, and it had sat unstarted for several years. It started right up with two fresh batteries.I noticed right away that when letting off the throttle that the truck felt as if it was going to stall. It also felt like it...
  7. Garagefull

    New m1031 owner returning after several years

    . As it says,new to me truck.Genset works perfectly.Returning member after several years.Switched hobbies for a few years and always seem to come back to a good heavy duty truck.
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