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  1. Atwater

    whos truck is this?

    Chevy with cummins motor at Jefferson mud bog r1 - YouTube sweet:beer:
  2. Atwater

    another nv4500 thread

    looking to do a nv4500 swap in my m1008. already have a round pattern np205(32 spline Chevy) and cross member that should work based off what i have seen in others build threads. the one thing i have not been able to find is the difference between a 95 and 96 nv4500. i wonder because i...
  3. Atwater

    recovery for the other green addiction

    here is a pic of my 08 getting ready to tow home a JD 12a combine that had been setting in the barn behind it for about the last forty years. greased the hubs, aired up the tires and drove the 40 mi home.:shock: (more pics tomorrow, ran out of light) Anybody else have this 'other' green...
  4. Atwater

    ox locker

    anyone have any experience with the ox locker in a steer axle application? wanting to regear soon and thinking that would be time to upgrade.:mrgreen:
  5. Atwater

    1st cruise in

    planning on going to the 08's 1st cruise in/car show this afternoon . pics later:-D
  6. Atwater

    ca barstow

    anyone on here get a wrecker:drool: today?
  7. Atwater

    It lives!

    bought the m1008 in Feb, tore it apart for paint, 6 months later finally usable, not quite finished but drivable. :grin: 1st sealer coat, took out the typical forklift dent from the drivers side door + various other dents, didn't get them all though. more details + pics later as i finish up...
  8. Atwater

    axle swap

    looking at possible axle swaps to gain better gearing for the m1008. seems 3/4 - 1 ton dodges often have 3.54s. anybody ever try swap non gm axles into a cucv :?: mostly looking at changing gearing because of a planned cummins swap.8-)
  9. Atwater

    use towbar to push?

    knowing it is a bad idea to pull a deuce with a pickup how bad of an idea would it be to use a tow-bar and say an m1008 to push? short distance, low speed, 2 drivers:cookoo::?:
  10. Atwater

    m109 capacity

    what is the heaviest item you have hauled in a m109? wondering if it would be kosher to haul a 4500lb tractor , assuming adequate tiedowns:cookoo:
  11. Atwater


    thinking of going ft drum sometime in the next month or so to look around. Im mostly wanting to get my feet wet with the hole GL thing without going in blind on a first recovery. That being said anyone from the western NY area headed out for a recovery/preview? Id like to tag along and help...
  12. Atwater

    fire truck

    who got the fire truck on ebay?
  13. Atwater

    ft drum preview?

    anyone going to ft drum in the next week or so? ? newb here would like to know more about a m35a2 . :D wish i could go but we are starting to shake sour cherries tomorrow and that goes about 20 days strait. thanks
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