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  1. mangus580

    Chat Notice

    Ok, so I have decided to give the old chat another go (after talking with graham and looking at some server issues). I am NOT promising anything!! But for now, we shall use the OLD chat, and will remove the link to the other one, and have it disabled for the moment.
  2. mangus580

    Out with the old - in with the new!

    Sorry guys - we had to take down the old site tonight. It is down until further notice. It seems it was hijacked and was sending out LARGE amounts of spam. This forces me to work feverishly on a new method for storing TM's, PS mag articles, etc. I have some great ideas for everything, but...
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  4. mangus580

    TM Section - Input Wanted

    Ok guys, here's the deal. I am working on big changes for the site (yes again) and I intend to take care of missing items before 'working' items first. The TM section is one of my priorities. I am putting together a list of fields for the listings, and is as follows: Title TM # Description...
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  7. mangus580

    Disappearing Threads/Posts

    Guys, I just had a PM asking me about a thread that was deleted. I figured I would share my answer to everyone instead of just the PM. Unfortunately, when we have to delete a complete thread, the deletion notification goes only to the original poster. That said, everyone else who responded in...
  8. mangus580

    *** New Feature - PM Auto Prune

    I just installed a new feature... that will automatically clean your PM Inbox of messages over 90 days old. Only READ message Only the INBOX if you want to save messages that are over 90 days old, create a separate folder called 'Save' or something like that, and move the messages to it...
  9. mangus580

    1009 gets new shoes...

    Got some new wheels for the 1009.... Figured I would share a pic. Old ones I had kept getting stuck on the truck, and I had to use a torch to get them off.... not good if you get a flat!
  10. mangus580

    Doghead Gets a Goat!!

    Here we go... a few of the goat... Loaded up... A weasel he had... Couple other trucks off in the background WENDYS!!! (Just for you Clint!!) A few shots of my boys driving the goat!
  11. mangus580


    This is a test to see if the shouting filter works.
  12. mangus580

    Bid Collusion, Group Buys, etc

    If one more person starts a thread on the 'power steering kits' and discusses group buys/bid collusion.... THEY WILL BE BANNED FOR A WEEK UNDERSTOOD?
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  15. mangus580

    5 Ton

    Please help us build up our 5 ton article! Here's a start: Identification There were 3 main series of 5 ton trucks used by the United States Military. Here they are broken down by identifying characteristics and production years. M39/G744 Series (1951-?) Air filter mounted externally on...
  16. mangus580

    Site Colors - Test Subjects

    So.. I just discovered something... I need a few interested users to try this for me. Those of you who have firefox installed (or those who want to install it) Look at the site using Firefox, and then Internet Explorer on the same screen. Give me your observations. Ideally this would be...
  17. mangus580

    Toys for Tots

    Steel Soldiers is proud to announce a partnership with the Marine Corps League & Toys For Tots. We are organizing efforts to have Steel Soldiers members assist in the collection of toys this year. The initial idea was to have members coordinate with your local Marine Corps League...
  18. mangus580

    New Feature - Wiki Articles!!

    Ok... here we go. We now have WIKI articles! For those of you that dont know what a WIKI is, its an article that can be edited by any member. This will allow us to pool knowledge, and create an FAQ type setup, complete with troubleshooting, etc. I have started by creating 3 so far. A CUCV...
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    test resize
  20. mangus580

    Test Test

    test test test test
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