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  1. montaillou

    WA M35A2 radiator

    Pulled out of my truck in working order this past winter, during an engine swap. Never had a problem with it, no idea how old it is but it worked like a champ up until the day it was pulled. New engine got a bigger radiator. It's too big/bulky to box and ship so, local pick up only. I live...
  2. montaillou


    One sold at an auction in France on 4/3. Anyone here get it? I put in a bid based on the pre auction estimate (10k - 20k Euro), but it quickly went out of sight beyond my meager budget. With premium, it sold for around 51k Euro.
  3. montaillou

    M61A2 engine swap - Cummins L10

    Friend of mine is doing an engine swap on his M61A2, and though he is registered here he rarely posts so I thought I would pass some pics along and some general info. He also is changing the transmission to a Spicer 6453 He's relayed to me that the L10 is longer and taller, so he's raising the...
  4. montaillou

    Opinion on towing capacity

    I was reading another thread about making bad choices and this probably falls under that category. Background: I want a FV102 tracked vehicle (or maybe a CVRT). Thing is, my state won't let me drive it on paved roads, but there are LOTS of unpaved logging roads near me. I just need to...
  5. montaillou

    10 lug wheels

    I usually spend my time on in the Deuce threads, but I have several 10 lug wheels which someone suggested came off a M1076 trailer. I'm wondering, among the US military vehicles are all 10 hole wheels the same lug spacing, are the wheels interchangeable in that way? I know the offsets can be...
  6. montaillou

    Owner experiences (having fun)

    I went 10 pages deep and didn't see a thread like this, if there's one already, feel free to link it. I'm starting to think if the price if right I might be able to get a tracked vehicle, but I thought I'd ask people who own one (or more) what they do with theirs. I read the thread on...
  7. montaillou

    BT band wagon

    Looks like I'll be doing an engine swap in the next few months. I'd toyed with it, but figured, realistically, it was at least 2-3 years in the future if ever. However a friend ran into a guy looking for a LDT-465 engine (I have 2) who happens to own three 6 BT's and he's got a full shop. So...
  8. montaillou

    Overflow cluster

    The main cluster will contain: Speedometer Tachometer (w/hours) Air psi Oil psi Water temp Pyrometer high beam indicator Now that that's out of the way, I am going to be installing an overflow cluster. I know that gauges can be crammed into multi units, but I like a separate gauge for each...
  9. montaillou


  10. montaillou

    HMMWV dome light in cab

    I know some people have done this, can you tell me what kind of light it gives you? Can you read by it, find stuff on the floor, etc? Are you satisfied with it, etc.? This is the light, I'm talking about:
  11. montaillou

    Another stupid idea, ignore this thread.

    So...I was thinking and hashing out ideas with a friend. What if an additional tank was connected to the air pack, utilizing 1 way valves, such that should an air line spring a leak, this additional tank would provide emergency air for stopping? It would be a redundancy system and activated by...
  12. montaillou

    Feel the heat

    It's too hot to do work on the truck. Usually I don't have a good excuse, but the last few days I do.
  13. montaillou

    Bellingham, WA - 10th Annual Vietnam Vet's Car Show, July 18th

    So, this thing is for classic cars and the sort, but I started going to it a few years ago because my M35A2 is certainly a classic & Vietnam era. Lots of vets stopped by and a few related stories about their experiences with the Deuce. I've brought my truck to other shows and it's always...
  14. montaillou

    Synthetic oil

    I'm gonna try synthetic oil. Yes, I've heard it will cause leaks. I've also read that synthetic oil cleans so it might expose leaks I didn't know I had, and I'd rather find those now, than when I'm 1k miles from home or above the arctic circle. Will it damage my seals & gaskets? Maybe, and...
  15. montaillou

    Fleet expansion: 1968 M62A2

    So, I bought a new, to me, A2 It's actually a 1968 M61A2. I'm posting here, because I really bought it for a friend - he a mechanic who will work off the debt doing stuff to my other A2. Neither one of us have room for 2 trucks, so, when he's working on my Deuce his truck will live in my...
  16. montaillou

    Oil & lubrication

    Was recently reading up on engines and came across this: See post #23 & 25. Now, there is some not-so-little bit on here about what oil to use, but most of those threads are 10+ years old, and...
  17. montaillou

    Lock out hub damage - opinions

    Recently I had new wheels/tires put on and the hubs are far more exposed than they used to be. I had a shop install these almost 2 years ago. Due to my trust in them, the previous wheels having a center offset, and my never needing to adjust the hubs, I may have missed this if it happened some...
  18. montaillou

    Fuel tank selector valve - multiple tanks

    If you've read my other threads and shake your head at my ideas, you're gonna wanna skip this one. What follows may show my ignorance. So, my plan is to add 3 additional tanks to my truck. Initially, the plan was 2 additional tanks, but the third tank was gonna be pretty difficult to work...
  19. montaillou

    Just spitballing...winching out your own deuce while alone.

    Now, there are several problems with this, as things stand. Feel free to correct me: 1) the winch just isn't powerful enough to pull out deuce and 2) the way it operates in front of the truck, you'd probably kill yourself if it did - not sure if you can fully use the winch from inside the...
  20. montaillou

    A2 frame flex degree

    Does anyone know just how much the frame is designed to flex, like how many degrees (approximately)? I'm creating a space behind the cab to a camper in the bed (maybe spanning 20 inches) that I intend to cover with something flexible, but I'm wondering how flexible it needs to be. Not trying...
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