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  1. Loco_Hosa

    M1009 Is there a guide for rebuilding the Saginaw Double Cardin CV?

    My M1009 hyper compressed the front driveshaft and broke the CV, causing a hell of an ugly clunk sound when in 4wd. I took it apart, shortened the shaft, but Im having trouble understanding how this CV goes back together and I would love some help. And yes, I tried to check the TMs and...
  2. Loco_Hosa

    Do you know the part number for the Power Steering and Alternator mounting studs?

    Hey all, I broke one of the studs used for tensioning the power steering pump. Since I know our belt drives are different than civilian trucks I am not sure if the dealership will know the particular stud I need and be able to get it for me without a part number. Any help would be great.
  3. Loco_Hosa

    Smoking pretty badly on the driver's side, and blowby.

    So, I took my M1009 on a few trips this year and had a blast but the smoke has really taken some fun out of things. It only smokes on the driver's side, but it's pretty bad and parking too close to human people who enjoy breathing is ”rude.” I had been told it was likely a bad injector, but...
  4. Loco_Hosa

    What do I need to remount hmmwv tires with the beadlock and runflats?

    [I didn't see a tire forum, wasn't sure if this belonged in the Cucv forum or the hmmwv forum] Hey y'all. Finished the axle swap and 52 inch spring conversion on my M1009, got the 37s on, and first trip out it split a sidewall going up a hill. I've gotten another matching tire, tried to do some...
  5. Loco_Hosa

    Does fuel go from Tank -> pump -> filter OR tank -> filter -> pump?

    M1009 has been parked for a year while getting axle swapped and 52 inch front sprins, shackle flip, ext. Finally went to start it and see it move under it's own power and something is really... Strange. Something is completely blocking the fuel line between the tank and filter, as best I can...
  6. Loco_Hosa

    M1009 was making aweful sounds, took it apart, and cannot find a thing wrong with it.

    This started about 1000 miles ago with a small trailer filled with rock. On the way home it made some speed related, low growling sounds. The locker also might have been misbehaving, locking and unlocking during a normal turn. The next day, no trailer, but still making the aweful sounds. Took...
  7. Loco_Hosa

    [video] Is this amount of smoke normal?

    First off-road trip with my M1009. Please excuse the belt noise, looks like someone previously striped one of the holes for an adjuster bolt. Hoping to have that fixed before the next trip. I don't have a pyro in...
  8. Loco_Hosa

    Is 1/0 Gauge battery cable enough for a 12 volt converted CUCV? New cables time.

    My M1009 was converted to 12v by the previous owner and the batteries now sit on either side of the radiator. The truck drains the batteries over a few hours, and it cranks slow. Batteries are new. Im going to build new cables, add a ground interrupt switch in the passenger side foot well, and...
  9. Loco_Hosa

    Best price on HMMWV wheels and tires in WA?

    Any suggestions/anyone selling HMMWV wheels and tires?
  10. Loco_Hosa

    Just got an M1009 with no batteries. Looking for photos of the cable hookups.

    Just bought an M1009 (I think?) for $450. If it was an M1009 someone has taken the 8 lug axles for a different project, it now has 6 lug axles. I would like to verify that it is a 24v starter and alternator then see if it starts with new batteries this weekend. My only concern is making sure I...
  11. Loco_Hosa

    Problem: My bulbs all seem to blow out way before they should. Regulator adjusted.

    Howdy yall, Problem: I seem to blow out light bulbs very quickly. Theory 1: My regulator is nearing worn out on the alternator therefore the voltage has spikes and dips? (Not been noticed on the Gauge) Theory 2: My Batteries are garbage, so the entire charging system is strained? (These...
  12. Loco_Hosa

    Can the Master Cylinder handle 50psi? (And brake flush related questions)

    My truck currently sits with 6 rebuilt wheel cylinders, the lines disconnected. I assembled a pressure style bleeder using some tools for painting, including a stainless steel pressure pot that I have hooked up to my compressor. I then had a hose made to go from the pressure pot to the MC...
  13. Loco_Hosa

    Painting wheel cylinders before reassembly, I love finally having a garage, Winning.

    Short question: What is the closest matching spray paint to the Bear house paint/CARC substitute people have been using? Is there any reason I cannot paint my wheel cylinders with it before I reassemble the truck? Longer Question: Now that I finally bought my house and have room to work on...
  14. Loco_Hosa

    How to repack wheel bearings?

    Ok, I have searched, and I see a ton of folks referencing the act of packing the bearings, but no one explaining how..... I would like to pack my bearings while I have the truck apart, but I dont know what tools I need or what type of grease to buy, since I have never done it. Someone please...
  15. Loco_Hosa

    A few questions about DOT 5 and what TM I need.

    First off, Hi everyone! I been away from the forum for a few months while dealing with some stuff in my life. Seems every time I log in I have a burning desire to spend money! Im on track with my savings to purchase my house in June, and I have a bit of extra money so I put the Deuce on...
  16. Loco_Hosa

    What would happen if you advanced the injection timing?

    This thread is so I can farther my understanding. I know that a Multifuel is VERY different than a 12v Cummins or a Detroit 6.2. Im expecting there to be a simple reason why this will not work on our trucks. Advancing the injector timing in other diesels will result in EGT drop, which...
  17. Loco_Hosa

    Looking for parts list and advice for rebuilding the brakes

    I had a wheel cylinder blow out on my deuce, thankfully I was in a parking lot, there was no one and no objects harmed. I found a forum member who towed me home and all was ultimately well. Since I have had one fail, I aught to pull off all six drums and inspect them all. That was one of the...
  18. Loco_Hosa

    Broke down near Ft lewis Wa, need a tow

    Hey yall, as I pulled into work today I went to park the Deuce. While parking, I was pushing on the brakes pretty good and then all of the sudden lost all pedal pressure. Luckly no one was injured, and there was no property damage, but I have a puddle of brake fluid under one of my wheels...
  19. Loco_Hosa

    At the end of a long trip, the truck breaks down as I pull into the driveway.... Wow

    I drive my Deuce on long trips more than just around town. I drove it back to Tacoma from Riverside Ca a bit over a month ago, and I have since driven it down to Portland twice. Apart from an Axle shaft that started to leak and these old bulbs burning out every time I look at the truck (Just...
  20. Loco_Hosa

    Need some input, just brainstorming up a filtration setup.

    I just got offered 250 gallons of WMO for free from a man I met at a barbeque who thought the Deuce was pretty savage. As it turns out its mostly out of bulldozers and such, but some of it is kind of old. He told me if I dont make a mess Im welcome to it! Now, Im trying to make sure I do...
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