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  1. mistaken1

    Oil in the bearings: Opinions wanted.

    Some time back I took the deuce to town and back (2 hours on the highway). When I went to drain the air tanks I found gear oil pooled on the inside passenger front rear wheel. The dreaded axle vent and quite possibly too much oil in the differential. I freed up the axle vent and with the...
  2. mistaken1

    Stop Wanted/Sale posts from showing up when the "New Posts" button is used

    Stop Wanted/Sale posts from showing up when the "New Posts" button is used. Is there a way to exclude the Wanted/Sale posts from showing up when the "New Posts" button is used? Perhaps two buttons? "New Posts" and "New Ads"
  3. mistaken1

    When did scripts from become a requirement to post

    Seems I cannot post a reply without enabling scrips from When did this change?
  4. mistaken1

    Download CUCV TMs Here - Where to Download CUCV TMs

    The CUCV TMs can be downloaded here: CUCV TMs Courtesy of Jatonka No more "I don't have", "I can't find" excuses for not having the CUCV Technical Manuals. They are full of troubleshooting and parts information and are a MUST HAVE for any CUCV owner. If you own a CUCV and you do not have...
  5. mistaken1

    M151 ENGINE FOUR CYLINDER OHV PART I (1962) (link to govt video)

    Have you guys seen this video? M151 ENGINE FOUR CYLINDER OHV PART I (1962) M151 ENGINE FOUR CYLINDER OHV PART I : Department of Defense : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive
  6. mistaken1

    MEP-002A and MEP-003A Replacement Oil Pressure Switch

    Well I went to exercise the MEP-002A on Sunday before the big storm and needless to stay it suddenly died. It wants to start right up but as soon as I let go of the starter switch it dies. If I hold the starter switch in the start position it runs. It had only been running 15 minutes or so...
  7. mistaken1

    Who would run straight 24V glow plugs if they could?

    It is my understanding that when the CUCVs were procured 24V glowplugs for the 6.2 were not available. With the advent of the HUMVEE 24V glow plugs for the 6.2 became available. So removing the resistor on the firewall and running straight 24V to new 24V glow plugs seems like a natural upgrade...
  8. mistaken1

    This is the story of my CUCV 12V glow plug conversion.

    I installed all new Wellman 070 glow plugs. The truck started just fine one time. On the second attempt at starting all eight new glow plugs burned out (see picture). The lot of glow plugs was bad, or the glow plug relay pulled in but did not release, or the resistor on the firewall went...
  9. mistaken1

    Deuce Brake Light Operation Question

    Way back when I checked my brake lights. Momentarily press the brake pedal and the lights light up. Good to go. Last night I came home after dark. After passing through the gate I hit the gate opener button to close the gate and I pressed the brake pedal to use the brake lights to help me...
  10. mistaken1

    MEP002A Starting Issue - Starter Will Not Actuate

    I picked up a MEP002A from GL recently and finally had time to look it over. Looks to be in decent shape. The oil is new. Haven't checked all the filters yet but I will. It has four year old batteries so I charged them this week. They are currently holding around 12.8 volts. Went to put...
  11. mistaken1

    3rd Time is a Charm for GL

    Seems that the M105 trailer I recovered this week has been sold not once, not twice but three times by GL. The first time it sold in March of this year and was not recovered in the allotted time. 2330 - Trailers at Government Liquidation The second time it sold in April for considerably more...
  12. mistaken1

    Amateur Radio in the M1009

    I finally finished (mostly) installing my amateur radios in the M1009. For power I ran a #6 copper wire from the negative post on the back battery through a water resistant fuse holder (60A) to a section of 100A neutral bar (from a power panel) mounted under the radio bracket above the 24V...
  13. mistaken1

    Thank you to the crew at Ft. Riley, KS

    I was at Ft. Riley yesterday picking up some items (yah we forgot the camera) and I want to commend Robert, Daniel and Ryan for their good work. I arrived early for my appointment but they took me in right away and led me straight to the trailer. Then they used a forklift to load the MEP-002...
  14. mistaken1

    Oh Crud! Will a MEP-002A fit in the bed of a pickup?

    I think I won a MEP-002A. I sure hope it runs and actually produces power ...... Anyway I gather it will fit in the bed of a pickup but was hoping someone more knowledgeable could confirm. Thanks in advance.
  15. mistaken1

    Microphone mounting plate

    I am looking for a microphone mounting plate. I may not be using the correct term but what I am looking for is the green plate in the attached picture that mounts on the CUCV dash. If anyone has one they want to part with or knows where to get one please let me know. Thanks in advance.
  16. mistaken1

    CUCV Antenna Mount Backing Plate

    Does anyone have any part numbers, drawings, pictures or dimensions of the CUCV antenna mount backing plate? I do not see the plate listed in the parts TM. I want to add an antenna mount to the rear of my M1009 (have the mount) but I will need to purchase/build the backing plate and was hoping...
  17. mistaken1

    Helped the neighbor move his storage container

    The neighbor wanted to move his 40' storage container from the edge of his property over by his work building. Backed up real close and used his frame straightening chains hooked to the shackles to keep the front of the container from digging in. Chugged along in low-first at 1500 RPM to 1800...
  18. mistaken1

    How does the Shakespeare high survivability antenna whip fasten to the base?

    I have purchased a used AS3916 antenna base (no antenna). How does the steel antenna whip attach to the AS3916 base? Based on what I have in my hands (missing the collet) it looks like there is a dished center contact in the top of the base. I am assuming that there is a swollen area at the...
  19. mistaken1

    Thumbs up for dam88

    He bought the other solargizer. Great communication!
  20. mistaken1

    Thumbs up for vtach

    Thumbs up for vtach I sold him a spare solagizer. Quick to pay!
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