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  1. Sharecropper

    Timing Gauge DRF 35169 for 6.2 Diesel

    Jake - I believe if your timing chain was stretched so much that it affected the timing position of the pump, your engine would probably not run at all. Not to mention that the chain would hardly stay on the gears. If your chain is wore out, probably your whole engine is too. In all my years...
  2. Sharecropper

    Timing Gauge DRF 35169 for 6.2 Diesel

    Ditto what Barrman said. I’ve been trying to develop a good way to time the 6.2 for over 35 years and can now say there is no good way. Nothing beats a process of trial and error, that is to say, setting the mark on the pump slightly ahead of the mark on the engine. Then running it to see how it...
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