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    Quick Bob Spring Mount Question

    I did a search and couldn't find an answer. When using the springs from the Boyce bob kit, when they are centered on the locating pin on the axle they are way too wide to mount the perches to the frame. Do folks grind off the locating pin? What keeps the springs/axle from moving sideways...
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    Left Toolbar Permanent Collapse?

    Is it possible to permanently collapse the lh toolbar (sponsors, posts, wiki)? I can click the arrow and it will do so, but it's only a single occasion. Each click on a post or forum page resets it. Thanks.
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    A Gen Light Story

    Over the last week or so my Gen1 light was very dimly glowing, then coming on, occasionally flashing, etc. Gen 2 started doing the same thing today. I've checked the voltage at the batteries, very good, checked voltage at the alts, also very good. Checked the voltage at the batteries while...
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    Aux Battery Cable Routing

    I'm installing this to charge my house battery in the camper while I'm driving, and for a couple of other reasons: Product Documents for Add a Battery - PN 7650 - Blue Sea Systems I'd like to mount the switch and box in the cab behind the bench seat. For those of you who have routed pretty...
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    Hazard Light Switch

    Granted my brain is fried from hunting all day in knee deep snow, but I can't get the hazards to switch off. Yes I read the Operator's Manual. Any help? The cover with the spring just pops out and in, but I can't get the lights off.
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    Wiring/Charging Question

    I'm looking to minimize the work on the LH Alt that charges the front battery and tap into the negative side of the rear battery to get 12v. The goal is to have the rear battery isolated and protected while allowing it to charge a 3rd deep cycle battery in the camper while the truck is running...
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