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    Won 6 M1030B1's at auction without a title need help

    I won 6 M1030B1's at a sheriffs auction out of Maine. They were from their sheriffs department and I assume they received them from a military to law enforcement program. I have the bill of sale from the county to me, notarized, with all the VINs annotated. Oregon won't issue me a title without...
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    Usmc m1030b1

    I just bought two M1030B1's. One is a bit of a parts bike. My buddy and I split the total cost and he will get the better of the two bikes. I just need to find a black out light and switch. My bike is missing it but the other one has it. We are going to tear them down and restore them. I'm going...
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    New from Bend, Oregon

    I've been visiting the site for years. There is so much great info on here. I was a 3521 in the Marines and worked on the 923's and HMMWV. I had a good time and learned a good amount before I moved onto another MOS. I sold my motorcycle recently and I'm definitely looking to get a M923. I loved...
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