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    Unimog FLU419 Cylinder Seal Kit

    I don't know if this is the right place to post this but I'm looking for a part number for the seal kit for the small (8" approximate) cylinder that locks the outrigger on the passenger side of a FLU 419 Unimog. It sits vertical at the rear of the vehicle. I've looked through the Expedition...
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    Unimog Won't Go

    I have a Unimog FLU-419 and yesterday I moved it a couple hundred yards to do some work and it went forward fine. When I went to back up it would not go backwards. I put it in reverse as I always have but it would not move. I then put it in forward gear and it would not move forward either...
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    Unimog FLU 419 Spare Wheel Bolt

    Anyone know where I can find a bolt that holds the spare wheel onto the Unimog FLU 419? I lost mine in a tire swap.
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    Unimog FLU419 Hydraulic Cylinder

    I have a slight leak in the rear driver's side hydraulic cylinder. I got a quote of $400 to $500 to repair it with a 6 month warranty. That seemed a bit high to me. Should I repair it or replace it? If replace, where can I find one? Used is fine as long as it's a good one that works with no...
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