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    M656 Ford 8X8 5 ton carrier to buy?

    There used to be a firearms manufacturer in Searcy Arkansas that had one. He had put a Ford commercial truck cab on it.
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    Duel fuel line mod M818 855 cummins

    On the Pittsburgh Power website, this modification is discussed in detail. They use all Cummins parts for this mod.
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    Dual wheels on a M37

    I have seen guys that own early Dodge Power Wagons add dual wheels by adding longer wheel lugs. The offset of the wheel centers was sufficient to allow this
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    Old style combat rims on a trailer

    Be careful with combat rims on a civilian Power Wagon, (B1PW, W300M, WM300). The brake drums are different on the civilian model and my crack when the combat rims are mounted. Double check with Vintage Power Wagons in Iowa. Goo luck.
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    Can towing with the rear driveshaft connected cause case or transmission failure?

    M37s and M43s have full floating rear ends. Pull the rear axles and cover the hub to keep the gear oil from leaking out. Disconnect the front drive shaft and you should be able to tow it.
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    Dealing with a wreck

    Be proactive. See a doctor NOW to get a baseline assessment of your physical condition. Then keep a journal as others have stated to see how your injuries go. If an insurance adjuster calls, he will most likely ask you how you are. DON'T say fine. Ask who it is and who he is representing...
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    Putting disc brakes on a deuce

    A lot of states will ban a pinion only brake system. They require that the breaks be ay yhe wheels.
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    Hotshot Transportation Co. - looking for loads

    What will you charge to haul a M931A2 tractor from Sparta WI to Tecumseh, KS. Not time critical.
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    m818 repower

    Has anyone considered the International DT466? They are everywhere and make up to 325 hp in stock form.
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    Sparte, WI

    Great information. Thanks for the tip.
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    Sparte, WI

    There seem to be quite a few 900 series trucks coming up for auction either now or very soon. I am interested in an M931 / 932 series tractor. Has anyone looke at the trucks at this location? From the pictures posted by GL they look nice for the most part but one or more sets of eyes up close...
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    Alas we must say goodbye to you Multifuel.

    I would bet on the International. Not only from a personal bias but, they have been around forever, parts are cheaper than a Cat and they are less susceptible to fuel contamination. Get a non eletronic version.
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    Flathead fever..

    Very cool pictures. Keep them coming. I am working on a replacement engine for my 1967 Dodge WM300 Power Wagon. The original engine was junk and I found a 1942 251 industrial engine from a military Hobart welder. The cam and distributor will get changed but other than needing a valve...
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    M43/M37 camshaft

    I have a 1967 WM300 Power Wagon with the 251 flathead engine. Very similar to the 230 that you have. Make sure the oil pump is out as well as the distributor. both are gear driven off the cam. the oil pump is in the middle of the block at the bottom. If all else fails, call Vintage Power...
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    XM757 ??? Identify

    One of these trucks is located in Bald Knob, Arkansas. About 1/2 mile east of route 67 / 167 on highway 64 just off of a side road at a plastics estrusion company. It has a Ford truck cab and front clip on it. It does run.
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    XM757 ??? Identify

    there is one of these located in Bald Knob Arkansas right at Highway 67 / 167 and Highway 64. It is an 8 X 8 and the original cab has been replaced with a commercial Ford truck cab and front clip. But it runs!!
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    Good place to pick up a deuce.

    As a recent member, I am very interested in getting a deuce and a half. The locations closest to me to get on at a GL auction seem to be at Redstone Arsenal in Alabama or at Tinker AFB in Oklahoma City. Can anyone share their experiences at either of those locations? Thanks,
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    DT466 International swaps

    Has anyone considered swapping in a DT 466 International medioum duty truck engine? They are about the same cubic inches, build a lot of torque and can put out up to 350 horsepower in stock configuration. Plus, they have been around since at least 1984 so there should be good availability.
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    New guy in Central Arkansas

    Hi, new to this site and have a consuming desire to get an M35A2. I would like to get in touch with others in Arkansas to learn more about these trucks and get an idea of what one should go for from Govt Liquidations. I am interested in the possibility in repowering one with an International...
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