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    Anyone tried OM606 engine in Hmmwv?

    Hi, Have anyone tried to put a Mercedes OM606 engine in the hmmwv? Will it work or is it a bad idea?
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    Mep 803A Voltage 3phase

    Hi, Is it possible to tune up the voltage on 3phase a little bit? It says 120v/208v on the swtich. When i turn up the voltage knob to max it give me around 210-215v. I would have hoped to get it up to 230v since that is the voltage we use in Europe Any tips and tricks?
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    Fuel leak on MEP 803a

    Hi, Started up my new MEP-803a yesterday and it ran OK. Noticed the diesel return leaks in the fuel line i marked it the pictures. Is it possible to buy this fuel line new? Or can I put on a transparent fuel line over the steel line with a clamp on? Its seems weird that the clothed fuel line...
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    Gentrailer m116a3

    Hi, I just won a gentrailer on ironplanet. It has a m116a3 trailer and mep 803a generator. Im planning to pick it up on a "car" trailer and my concerns are that the m116a3 is wider than my car trailer. Do someone here have the measurement from outer tire to outer tire? It would be much...
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    Problems with my 1045a2

    Hi, I have a couple problems with my M1045a2 First problem is that my transmission is in "limp mode" only does 1-2 gear. I have put the transmission in diagnostic mode with a "jumper" and the code is 7-3 that says problem with the Pressure Control Solenoid. I have cheked the wiring and cant...
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    Hmmwv 6.5 starting problems

    Hi, I just started having problem with firing up the hmmwv. Sometimes it fires right up and sometimes it is just pouring white smoke out of exhaust and no start. I got the truck for about 3months ago and when I first got it cranked maybe 10 seconds on new fresh batteries and fired up, poured...
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    m1045a2 only two gears, limp mode?

    Hi, I think my Hmmwv m1045a2 went into limp mode. It happend after the authorities had them at the brake rollers and triend the brakes. Noticed it will only shift to second gear. Tried Drive and Overdrive no difference Any tips? Do you know how the transmission and transfer case should be set...
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    Problems with rear lights

    Hi, I have a issue with the rear lights, was hoping someone here can help me. The rear lights are ok before I touch the brake pedal, but when I touch the brake pedal, there is no lights on the lefts side but both bulbs light on the right side. When I let go of the brakepedal the two small...
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    Upgrade Engine, Transmission and Transfer Case

    Hi, Im planning on chaning my powerplant in the HMMWV to the turbo engine, 4l80E transmission and 242 transfer case. I see they sell cutouts like this I know I need : TCM, going with an aftermarket so I dont need to change the wiring harness A2 Driveshafts New 4speed shifter Maybe some new...
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    Turbo setup from 2001 express van

    Hi, Can this turbo setup be transfered over to my 6.5GEP engine? Is it plug and play or does it need some tuning with higher diesel pressure etc? From a 2001 express van
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    Winterization/arctic kit

    Hi, Have anyone tried the Arctic top and rear curtain for the 4-door hmmwv? Anyone have picture of it?
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    Short exhaust

    Hi, Does anyone know where I can get the short exhaust put on some HMMWVS? Havent seen them for sale on any sites, tips?
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    HMMWV questions

    Hi, Some different questions about HMMWVS What HMMWV models have the 12K setup as default? What models have the turbo engine as default? What models have 4l80e transmission as default? Does the newer HMMWVs have ABS brakes? Thank you
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    6.2 or 6.5 engine ?

    Hi, Can anyone tell me if this is the 6.2l engine or 6.5l ? 2mas-
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    Marking up my M342 truck

    Hi, I have just painted my m342 dump truck and I want to mark it up like they were in the US army in Vietnam. Anyone have any tips on what I can mark it with ? Want to mark it with some kind of transport(engineer) company and maybe 4E and numers on the side of the hood? What do you think ...
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    Change turbo on a m35a1 to a C turbo from a m35a2

    Hi, I own an M35a1 with the stock large turbo and im planning to change it into the C whistler turbo from a m35a2. But I dont think the bolts match up so Im thinking maybe ill need to change the manifold too ? Into a m35a2 manifold. Have anyone done this before ? Some tips ? :) Thank you...
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