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    Ibis Tek Bumper for HMMWV

    Does anyone have an ibis tek bumper for sale? I am looking for one for a reasonable price. I doubt anyone has one but I’d rather have the low profile one but I’ve only ever seen one, also interested in the push larger version. if you’re within 5 hours of Alabama, I’d drive to save the hassle of...
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    M1152 Low Top Speed

    Did any of the m1152’s come with really low gearing? I’m having trouble with my new 52, I’m at 3300rpms at 63-65 when multiple other people say theirs is 2700-2900 at 70-75. I believe I feel lockup, either way, it wouldn’t drop that much. I have shifted from 3rd to 4th to make sure it actually...
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    High RPM’s

    I just got a 07 m1152 and I was able to get it out of limp mode, it wasn’t getting power. The guy that bought it started cutting everything and disconnected some of the cables and snipped others. Once I got it out of limp mode, I took it through all 4 gears but at 62mph, I was at 3300-3400...
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    Nissan Armada Springs

    Do the Nissan Armada springs give any lift? Or is it just for ride quality? I think the 4x4 versions can work in the rear as well? I know they need to be modified. Thanks, Steven
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    Peel and Seal Type Flashing for Sound Deadening

    I know my Alabama side is showing on this thread but has anyone used Peel and Seal flashing or the equivalent for sound deadening on the underside of the HMMWV body? I have actually used it instead of Dynamat and it seemed to work well. The alternative is a spray like Lizard Skin and that has a...
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    Carc to Urethane

    What prep work should be done going from Carc to urethane? Is there a certain primer I should use? I am planning on getting a 1 stage kit from TCP global and I want it to adhere well and last a long time. I may end up getting a 2 stage kit, it just depends.
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    Reduce Rattles

    I know, hmmwv’s aren’t supposed to be quiet but what have you guys found that helps make their noise more bearable? I just bought a roll of neoprene foam tape and applied it around areas on my seats and probably 1/2 of my rattles went away. It makes it a lot more bearable to drive around town...
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    Center Console - Alt to Fiberglass?

    Hey, I am trying to build a center console for my Hmmwv. I am making the structure out of wood but want to cover it so it looks more professional. Is there anything besides fiberglass that can be used to create a more professional look? Anything that maybe could be applied like a paste and...
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    Hard Top Install/Removal?

    Hey, I was wondering how hard it is to remove and reinstall the hardtop? I really want the ability to convert to a convertible but I definitely like the idea of never having to replace the top and just having a hardtop. I would assume there is less noise and you could coat the underside with a...
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    Tailgate Parts

    The Hmmwv I bought did not come with a tailgate or any of the hardware that is needed. Is there a parts list that I need? I have seen a diagram but I can’t tell certain parts and what they do. I have found a tailgate online for only $200 but I would also need everything else. Thanks, Steven
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    Brush Guard Bracket

    Hey, Someone had a pretty cheap old m998 brush guard so I grabbed it. Only problem is that they didn’t have the brackets to mount it to my Hmmwv. Does anyone know which bracket I would need? And where I might find them, hopefully relatively cheap.
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    HMMWV Lockbox

    Sorry for the audio, there may be a better solution but this was only $35 for everything.
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    Dual Voltage Generator - 12v?

    So my generator is the 200 14/24 and I am trying to figure out how to connect 12v items. I know I probably sound stupid but obviously 14v is not 12v but I do know even 110/220 is not actually those at a steady rate. Is 14v able to power and not cause issues with 12v accessories or do you still...
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    My New HMMWV

    Hey All, I just got back from picking up my Hmmwv, being on a highway for 6 hours is not the ideal use of it. Haha. Here are some pics: The top is in rough shape, anything I can do to patch it until I get a new top? Also,is there any rust converter that works better than others? Not...
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    Buyer's Regret?

    Has anyone ever regretted buying their Hmmwv? Just curious, I see tons for sale on Facebook,, eBay and craigslist. My assumption is some are speculators that bought off GP and then are just reselling but I was just curious. I am looking at one in GA and I’d just be curious if there are...
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    Alabama Title

    I’m sorry if this is covered in another post, I searched “Alabama title” but I didn’t find anything when I was looking yesterday. Will Alabama title a Hmmwv with a SF97? Or will they title a Hmmwv with another states title? I really want a Hmmwv but there aren’t a ton in Alabama right now, I...
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