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    803a not warming up

    Good evening, I have an 803a that is not warming up With ambient around 21 F, it warms to 145-150 degrees. There is some wind. I have covered the air intake facing the wind with a some plywood, 90% coverage. I have covered the exhaust 80% again with some plywood. Temp is now up to 165F Any...
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    Hello gentlemen, I have a once used HDT MTH35SP (manual here ) without a remote controller and thus no way to start or run the heater. I've search and found a threat in this forum on rebuilding the battery. Would anyone be willing to open their controller and take photos of inside so I can...
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    MEP 803a fuel filter housing (spin on)

    Hello gents I have a mep803a that is missing the larger spin-on fuel filter/water separator. I am looking for recommendations on what to replace the spin on filter housing with, my generators one is missing. I would also be interested in buying the housing and the fittings if someone has...
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    MEP831A DC charging unit problem

    Hello everybody, What should the current range be on the output of the DC charging unit? Problem observed is following: When the battery is removed from a running unit it will not run, and when a battery is connected, it is not able to keep the battery stabilized and runs it down...
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    UL listing for mep 803a or 831a?

    Does anyone know if there has ever been a UL listing or any safety testing done that would satisfy a utility / insurer of a property that is powered by said generator? (mep 803a or 831a)
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    Parts 803a a (making it a runner)

    I have had a chance to review my 'parts' 803 to see about making it a runner. It suffers from missing a panel and an exhaust flapper. Worst of all it has had water migrate thru muffler and past a valve and is sitting in the oil sump. My plan is to drain the fuel and the oil, and run diesel...
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    96' stewart and stevenson

    Hello, I am looking at buying one of these vehicles - link to sold vehicle - note I did not buy this one Can anyone advise what I should be looking for? (doesn't look like this has been lifted by the driveshafts) based on the information available, what kind of valuation would you put on a...
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    803a hours

    803a hours (PHOTOS ADDED!!) Hello, I am considering grabbing another 803a with higher hours (over 5000) that looks to be in good shape. I spoke to someone locally that knows the lister petter well and he has seen this engine go to 25-30k hours. He said expect or budget to change half the...
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    MEP831A recoil start, bleed fuel lines

    Hello, I have bought a few MEP831A's they were tier 2 resets and stored in late 2013-2014. I have the original battery which is testing at 14v. My intelligent charger does not want to charge it and throws a code. Question: How do I recoil start this with fresh fuel ? I have emptied bowl...
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    hello bought some 831a's

    Hi everybody, You have a great forum here in steel soldiers, I have learned alot from reading so far. I am the proud owner of some mep-831a's I am in the process of changing oil, oil filters, and fuel filters, units LOOK to be in great shape and I will try load testing. Batteries are all...
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