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    45th East Coast Rally

    The 45th annual East Coast Military Vehicle Rally will be held at the Ripken Stadium in May. This Rally is the oldest in the country. Maryland, May 10 – 12, 2018: 45th Annual East Coast Military Vehicle Rally and Huge Militaria Flea Market at Aberdeen’s Ripken Stadium, Exit 85 on I-95. Free...
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    OD Canvas Covers

    Any suggestions or feedback on where to OD canvas covers made. Beechwood seems expensive. I believe New Life has changed ownership?? Any other sources out there?
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    Trail ride and Convoy Fredrick Maryland

    WAC B & G MVT is sponsoring a convoy and trail ride around Fredrick Maryland on Saturday 23 July. If any one is interested PM me and I will give you the details.
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    Trailer Mounted Fuel Tank

    I am mounting my MEP-003 on an M-101-A2 trailer and would like to add an extra fuel tank. I believe the Military did have some trailers with a fuel tank mounted on them. The same fuel tank as the M-37's used. Any body have some pictures of where it was located and how this was done?
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    Calibration of MEP frequency transducer

    My MEP-003a frequency meter is off so I would like to calibrate it. The Back of the frequency transducer has 2 adjustment screws labeled BAL and SPREAD. I would assume that the BAL screw is the same as the ZERO adjust and the SPREAD screw is the same as the SPAN adjust. Is the correct?
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    Fuel Line ID ??

    Thanks to info I got on another thread; I went to a large hose and fitting supplier in Baltimore to have a fuel hose made up for my recently acquired MEP-003. The fittings are AN -5 which the supplier had; however they told me that -5 hose to work with these fittings has an ID of 1/4". He talked...
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    MEP-003a Fuel Line Question

    Recently purchased a 10K generator and am going over it. Fuel tank was a mess; full of rust and crud, but I couldn't believe how clean the strainers and filters were. Noticed that the fuel suction in the tank is about an 1" off the bottom of the tank; guess that's why the pumps didn't suck up...
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    Tm 11-945

    Have a Power Unit 214-B I want to get running and need the manual, a TM 11-945 dated 1944. Anybody have a copy they could copy or sell?
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    WWII Power Unit info needed

    I recently can across a Power Unit PE-210 or PE-214-B; not sure which. I believe the TM is a 11-947. It's a small 120 or 240 volt generator with a 2 or 3 amp output. Driven by a 2 stroke Jacobson engine. Was wondering if anybody had any knowledge or info on this unit. I would like to get it...
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