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    M1009 Trailer Wiring Connection

    Just get a 5 round to 4 flat adapter.
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    Cucv purchase sight unseen, payment recommendations?

    Seller sends title to buyer. Once funds clear, delivers keys and possession.
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    CUCV Snow Plow Trucks and Spreaders

    Weird how it wouldn't view in forum view, but is visible in TT. Thanks.
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    diesel fuel additive

    1) You don't want to add gasoline to your engine; 2) Diesel 911 anti gel works; 3) A lot of people put some 2 stroke oil in their tank; and 4) Don't get caught with red diesel in your tank.
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    Many Manuals

    That link should be stickied in the wiki.
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    smoke at fusible link

    I got a bad part from ASP and had the magic smoke when I rebuilt GEN1. Don't remember which part, but I will look for the post.
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    Help on 5/4 ton CUCV purchase

    I very likely am having a brain fart, but what is an EMP discussion?
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    Glow Plug survey

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    battery drain from glow plugs and while running

    Have you tried swapping batteries?
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    Best Thing You've Found in Your CUCV

    And a blown engine?
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    bucking & surging at speed

    If you are going to change the filter, which I highly recommend, do yourself a favor and pull the pressure sensor and plug the hole in the back of the housing while you are at it.
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    What have you done to your CUCV today/lately - Part 2

    Those are the ones you want. You have to do a one time spade terminal swap on your GP wires to fit, but after that you are good to go.
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    need alignment advice. Got alignment. Now have Death Wobble. What to do?

    I think you are under some kind of green spell. It is a stupid '80's truck. Replace your KP springs and steering stabilizer and fill all 4 known good tires equally with air 10 psi below their max, and you are done.
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    Battery kill switch

    I wired this one next to the batteries to kill the ground.
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    need alignment advice. Got alignment. Now have Death Wobble. What to do?

    I run 70 all around on my 1028 with 10 plys.
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    going back to 24v

    Just feed the gp relay with 12v and do yourself a favor. Meaning, you have no work to do there.
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    going back to 24v

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    need alignment advice. Got alignment. Now have Death Wobble. What to do?

    My money is on the kingpin springs.
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