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    swap the Catperillar D-7155 Overdrive transmission into a M931

    hey guys has anyone swapped a Catperillar D-7155 transmission into a M931? Thanks
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    1970s Pinz 710 ---has anyone put a diesel in one?

    hey guys Has anyone swapped in a Cummins in a 710? Im guessing the 5.9 is too big but how about the 4bt? Does anyone have the dimensions of engine compartment ?
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    1953 Dodge M-37 offroad build expedition build / cummins swap

    hey guys I am looking to do a offroad / expedition build on a 1953 M-37 with a 12v or 24v 5.9 Cummins and I need some guidance from the experienced and wiser people 1. Will either a 12v or 24v fit in the engine compartment? 2. Can I squeeze a NV4500 or NV5600 in? 3. What transfer case...
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    MAN KAT US owners?

    Does anyone own MAN KAT's in the US? How easy was the process to get it over here and registered?
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    Caterpillar 3406 or Cummins N14 engine swap

    I tried searching but I couldn't find any threads on people who have put a Caterpillar 3406 or Cummins N14 in their truck. Has anyone done this swap?
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    1984 AM General M931 Cummins motor upgrades

    Hi guys I am looking at buying a 1984 AM General M931 it has the 855 Cummins naturally aspirated I believe. ( I haven't looked at it in person yet) Is it possible to add a turbo to this motor? ( how easy is it to do and what kind of cost would I be looking at?) What other power upgrades...
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    Transporation needs

    I am looking at getting back into the transportation business I specialize in vehicle & equipment transport but can transport pretty much anything. I wanted to see what kind of demand their is for your guys military vehicles to be transported in the western states. I am fully licensed & insured...
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    transport pictures

    Hey guys, I did some searching & really didnt see a thread of pictures when your vehicles are being transported on trailers. (well their were a couple pictures ) but I figured I would start a dedicated thread for this.... So Post them up :D - Andy
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