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    M5501/7-F2 Cap Plug wanted

    Working on fixing/replacing parts on my HMMWV hood. According to the parts manual, Figure 203, item 10. There should be 4 cap plugs, 5340-01-026-3250 a.k.a. M5501/7-F2. However, I've not yet found anywhere to buy them. Anyone happen to have any or a pointer to where I can guy them? (I can...
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    Horn doesn't work

    Was wondering if someone had a point to diagnosing what might be wrong with the horn on my M998. I looked in the service manuals and didn't see any flow charts on checking the horn wiring. So far, I've checked AT the horn. I've got 24V where I should. The other line has no voltage (or -). I...
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    HMMWV Troop Seats/Cargo rails

    I just installed NOS troop seats on my 2-man M998 over the weekend. In the instructions it talks about how there should be bolts and metal plates in the body, and to re-use the washers/bolts and metal plates. Washers/bolts were easy hardware store purchases. However, the metal plates I don't...
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    HMMWVs in Ukraine

    Thought some of you might find this interesting. I saw in the background of a few pictures, HMMWVs, and was curious why/how the Ukraine gov't got them. Lead me to a news story from the Kyiv Post talking about how Ukraine came to acquire them, and some maintenance stuff...
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    Cold Starting Question

    I searched and didn't see this anywhere, but I may have used the wrong terms. I don't think this is the typical "fix your glow plugs, EESS box, neutrals" thread, but something slightly different. When I start my HMMWV when it's "very" cold out, -10F to 30F range.. I need to sit in the vehicle...
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    Fogged up plastic in soft-doors

    One of the two "regular" soft doors I have, the window is so fogged up (scratches I assume), that it's difficult to see out of. I've tried cleaning it, but it didn't help. I was wondering if anyone knows what type of plastic (thickness and other behaviors) used in the soft-doors. I have a...
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    Vehicle hit in an accident

    I loaned my M998 to the housemate to use as a pickup truck to get something. 1 block from where she was going, making a right hand turn.. car behind her decides to pass her on the right! (Edit: she was making a LEFT turn, and the person decided to pass her on the LEFT on a 2-lane road, marked...
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    HMMWV Tool Bag

    I know this is a little different, but... I decided to replicate (remake?) the tool bag documented in the HMMWV manual. The bag, tire iron, pliers, Philips screw drivers and slotted screw driver are correct military surplus (as far as I've been able to tell). The 8" adjustable wrench is one...
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    Starter Question

    I recently fixed the apparent lack of functioning glow plugs, and now my M998 is starting quickly. Went for a drive, stopped somewhere for 30 minutes, went back out and hit start and the starter made a grinding noise. (Sounded like it didn't engage into the engine, but did spin full speed.)...
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    Equipment Log Book

    I was wondering if anyone had a pointer to the pages that would typically be in the HMMWV equipment log book? So far I've failed googling to find examples of the pages. I'm planning on simply starting a log book on my project, but I'm curious what a REAL log book looks like.
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    HMMWV glow plugs

    Just needed to vent.. Figured it might be useful to other people having this issue... The smart start box of course stopped powering the glow plugs. It's getting cold, so why would it work. Ordered a new box and 8 new glow plugs. Read on forums here and elsewhere I should get a removal tool...
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    Anyone use headlight polish on the gauges?

    All of my gauges are very scratched and 'fogged up' (not moisture). I was wondering if anyone had bought plastic headlight polish and tried to sand and polish the gauge faces to make them readable again. (Ya I know I can buy new gauges easily enough, but the ones I have are working fine.)
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    Wiper motor wiring / contact assembly

    I finally got around to diagnosing my wiper motor not working. After removing the soft top and side rails, I was able to tilt the windshield forward and found two "contact assembly" ( 5999011839530 ). I cleaned them, added some dielectric grease and got it working. However, when I...
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    200 AMP - dual-voltage generator question

    I noticed that the the top of my alternator there is a 'threaded hole' (see the picture below). Is this normal, or should there be a bolt/plug/etc in there? (And yes, I know the 12V wire is missing was this way when I got the rig, I plan to resolve that this week.)
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    Hooking up tach and time tester

    Ok, I've suddenly realized I have absolutely no idea how to use this tester to monitor the RPMs on the 6.5L diesel. I'd like to use it as a tach and verify the RPMs. Does anyone have either a pointer (to a TM) or just in general how [and where] to attach this thing? All of the references I've...
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    Toolkit question

    From looking at the service manual, I see there are three main toolkits that seem to be referenced 57K0266, 57K0267 and 57K0268. It's unclear to me what the difference is though. The service manual seems to make it sound like 266, 267 and 268 contain different tools, but the ebay lists seem to...
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    What should the oil pressure be on the 6.5L?

    I finally replaced the not-working oil pressure gauge with a new one. And I'm now getting a reading. Cold idle, between 30-60. Warm idle, 30 0-30 MPH - 30-60 50 MPH - 100-120 55-60 MPH - over 120 The numbers at 50 and above seem high to me, but I have no frame of reference for this engine...
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    Engine cover turnlock fasteners

    I noticed the other day that the turnlock fasteners were not holding the engine cover in place. I'm not sure why this would be, anyone more familiar with how it should be holding? (These are the top two fasteners on the engine cover, they look like the same fasteners used to hold the rear seat...
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    Fan Clutch hose

    The hose from the Cadillac valve fitting to the fitting on the fan cowl needs to be replaced. But I don't see anywhere that specifies any type or size. Does anyone happen to know what type of hose I should get? (I assume it's a fairly standard automotive part I can just go to O'Reilly and...
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    Brake calipers and pads

    My rear brakes are pretty much shot, almost no pad left and I think the rear calipers are sticking (I can hear them catch when I reverse). I've been looking and I see different calipers on different sites, as well as different pads.. some say 10k, 12k, etc.. I've got a 1988 M998, never been...
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