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    m917 won't shut down.

    I've done a bit of searching on this subject, but have come up empty. Our 917 sporadically wont shut down when the key is switched to the off position. Anyone had this happen before? It doesn't do it all the time, but every now and then it will continue to run after the key is turned off. If...
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    M917 speedometer

    Morning gents I tried searching the forums for an answer to this query, but came up empty handed (probably due to my own ignorance) Anyways, has anyone found and installed an aftermarket replacement for the tach/speedo in the 917 (or any 920 series)? My original Argo has not worked in some...
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    So, any of you fine folks pick up this little guy today? Only the second one sold on GP. Wonder if they’re gonna start hitting the market more frequently?
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    Check your front spring mounts (920 series)

    Found this interesting little failure while greasing the 917 this week. Worth noting.
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    Love em or not, here’s my MEP-1040 thread.

    Well, as mentioned in a previous thread where I asked a couple random questions, I’m the proud owner of a Cummins Power Generation MEP-1040. Figured I’d start a new thread to document my journey with this unit for everyone’s viewing pleasure. The unit was purchased off the ole Gov site where...
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    MEP-1040, what have I gotten myself into?

    So, Long story short, I threw a “pre-bid” on a 1040 over on that site where you do that sort of thing. Only issues with it was someone was nice enough to put a forklift through one mesh area and it banged around and concaved the display panel cover. They’ve been going for numbers high as a...
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    Cat 7155 in my M917....

    Is RRacing still around these forums?! Got a 7155 transmission that won’t engage. By all my searches he seems like the guru on these units. I’ve done all the oiling and such that I have read about but I still cannot get it to engage. When I push the air button in on the side of the shifter it...
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    M917 driveline knocking?

    I have a M917 dump that has developed an odd clunking or knocking sound. The truck only makes the noise when accelerating or under load and only in 14-16 gears. Zero noise in 1-13 gears. Any ideas what might be the cause? Engine runs fine and transmission shifts and engages perfectly. No power...
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    Dump truck on dump truck.

    It's nice to have stuff! Bout 2" overheight but the DOT pokies don't mess with us farmers!
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    M917 oops (again)

    So, I told the guy driving he shouldn't back past the tree with the pink ribbon. He thought I was challenging by saying he "couldn't" get past it. Good thing we got a big Dozer.
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    M917 died suddenly.

    So, today I was driving down the road in front of the property and my 917 died. It just immediately stopped running like it ran out of fuel. (I checked, there's half tank) So, browsing and searching the forums has led me to believe that it could be a fuel solenoid. Apparently there is a screw...
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    M917 got a shiny new trailer.

    First trip with the tri-axle tag behind the M917. Volvo ec140 loaded up ready to roll.
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    M917 transfer case air lock chamber

    I am looking for an air lockup chamber for the transfer case on my M917 dump. Part number 280937. The housing on the one on the truck broke, so if anyone has just the housing (part#244331) available that would work as well. any info is appreciated
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    M917 trailer plug 12v?

    So, I'm currently trying to pull a 7 pin trailer behind my 12 pin 917, and according to the TM's the truck should be 24v output at the trailer plug. I'm getting 12v from earth to both turn signal pins and the running light pin on the truck. How is this possible? I assume someone before myself...
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    M917 Towing Capacity

    I'm sure the answer to my question is somewhere in a manual, but I can't seem to find it so I'll ask here. What is the towing capacity of the M917 dump? Any info would be appreciated.
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    M917 front spring bolt size?

    So, I've searched the manuals provided on this site, but I'm pretty sure I'm a bit thick headed and just can't find the answer to this question. Can anyone tell me off hand what size (dia and length) the bolt that attaches the frame to the front eye of the front leaf spring on a M917 dump...
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    Reason #238 I love my m917

    They make a great beaver killin' platform.....
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    Front Winch for m917?

    I've done some searching, but have come up empty. Has anyone ever put a winch on the front of a m917 dump? Just finished singling out mine and it seems as if a winch would be the next mod. Any info would be appreciated.
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    Singling out a m917 dump

    I've been scouring the forum and have found a few answers, but I would like to know what I need to do in order to put a set of 16.00r20's on my m917. HEMTT rims? Grinding front drums? Do I need the runflat inserts or tubes in these tires? Bead locks? I've seen some different suggestions in...
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