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    Fairly newbie from TN

    Fairly new here from middle TN. 2 m936s and 1 m931 and too many parts etc. Thanks for letting me join.
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    Nhc 250 filters

    Since some jackwagon decided it was a good idea to paint over the fuel filter I have no idea what the part number is. Since its been sitting I'd like to change it out. I added some klotz 2 stroke oil to the tanks since this ulsd doesnt have the correct formula for these older engines. And added...
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    M931 brakes stuck like chuck.

    Ok got the new group 31 batteries(2) wired up and got the engine fired with some helping of diesel crack aka ether. Tried moving it and the left rear drive axle is froze up. Tried rocking it back and forth and beating on wheel with 4 lb maul to no avail. The other wheels roll freely even caged...
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    M931 oil pressure

    The truck has roughly 3k miles on it and has done this since it had roughly 800 miles. As soon as you turn battery switch on and then ignition switch the oil pressure gauge is pegged out. Ive unhooked the sending unit and its still pegged. Some days it will act normal but I'm thinking its stuck...
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