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  1. scooter01922

    M917 tranny questions.... update

    Hey guys, its been a LOOONG time since i have been around.....again. Anyway, my bad influence of a boss clued me into a local auction with some trucks. Had a few 5 tons, a 915 and a trio of 917's. Simply could not pass up a 917 for what these were going for so.....yeah i bought one. Ran down...
  2. scooter01922

    M35A1 to sell or not to sell ??

    Hey guys, its been a bit. I'm tossing around the idea of selling the M35A1 affectionately known as the plow deuce. Its a basically unmolested 1960 studebaker built A1, LDS427-2, the hinged mudflaps, pretty much all there. It runs, plows like a BEAST and starts regardless of temp. Has a uniquely...
  3. scooter01922

    Another fallen steelsoldier bede63

    Hi everyone, been busy this summer being overseas for 3 months and life has just gotten in the way. I just got a call from the longtime girlfriend of bede63 saying that he passed away tues due to cancer. I know he wasn't the most vocal on here, tended to do a lot of lurking. Anyone that knew him...
  4. scooter01922

    OA 331 running issues

    Been tinkering on the engine in the 108 for the last few weeks as i could really use it and its parked in a really poor spot currently. It made a several mile journey via flatbed about a month ago to a new storage site and simply will not run for me now. The last time i started it was likely...
  5. scooter01922

    lds 427 headgasket questions

    Hi all, been searching for a headgasket for the m35a1 and ran into a bit of a mystery while talking to white owl the other day. It seems the stock number for the headgasket on a lds 427-2 and a ldt 465 are the same. Concrete info on the rellationship between these two multifuel siblings has come...
  6. scooter01922

    M35A1 LIVES, finally. vid link to the event

    Hey there guys, a HUGE event occurred last Sunday. I FINALLY after much wrenching got the M35A1 to RUN. First time in 10-15-20 years..who knows, last sticker on the plate is 1993. Put a new injection pump on after removing the existing one twice, replacing a quill shaft, several new hyd heads...
  7. scooter01922

    B-17 "liberty belle" pics and vids

    Got to check out this AMAZING plane at a local airport. Its owned and run by Home | Liberty Belle B-17 Flying Fortress Only in town for the weekend then they move along to a new airport. Got some great pics and a walk around vid as well as an interior vid. Sadly they had just done the final...
  8. scooter01922

    M108 update

    Ok, not much has happened but she is running nicely after sorting out a bit of the rats nest that is the wiring harness. Next step will be bolting back on the stuff that makes it look like a truck and getting the brakes operative. To keep you guys amused heres a vid of the first start of my...
  9. scooter01922

    Oddest load moved in a deuce???/ SS airforce??

    Well gents i haven't been on much lately, just been fresh out of time. Generally speaking just too busy working on projects to write about them :roll: These darned projects keep following me home.....i swear. Anyway, this one just got carted home in the deuce yesterday. I must say it fits...
  10. scooter01922

    Uber rare deuce shop truck BACK ON EBAY

    I remember how much of a stir this caused back a few months ago when it was listed for like the 3rd time. Seems its back AGAIN. PLEASE someone grab it before the guy gets tired of trying to sell it. 1961 reo m44 6x6 military service truck : eBay Motors (item 110481673735 end time Jan-21-10...
  11. scooter01922

    Injection pump quill shaft sheared off.

    For anyone that hasn't read it here is some backstory Finally got to pulling the pump yesterday and pulling the quill shaft today. What i found was not amusing. The lower drive gear and spacer simply say there waiting to be...
  12. scooter01922

    Need some IP advice on M35A1

    Ok guys, as anyone on here regularly prob knows my M35A1 is having Ip issues. Got a new hyd head from doghead but couldn't get the old one off. Long story short, ( and i'm going to do a writeup on it) its a stupid design feature on the code G and F pumps that in all likelyhood should have been...
  13. scooter01922

    58 Diamond reo wrecker for sale in MA , cheap

    Here you go guys, someone save it. Have no use for another truck but this one looks neat. Five Ton 6x6 Military Wrecker
  14. scooter01922

    M108 from ME to MA...Please??

    Ok guys, some of you may remember i bought the m108 cranetruck/light wrecker/ whatever you wish to call it off of ASTFU a while back. Do to sched issues, a general lack of funds and now a bit of an underemployment situation actually getting it home has not occured. He has been absolutely...
  15. scooter01922

    Guess who needs a headgasket

    Things were going great, really they were. Deuce has seen about 500 miles this week and was running great till i noticed a bit of a loss of power just before arriving at ASTFU's place today. Wasn't worried, figured it was time for new filters. But then when i left to head home i noticed i was...
  16. scooter01922

    NEW 818 first start vids !!!!!!

    I'm posting this mostly for JT but thought you all might enjoy this. Did the preflight on the 818 today as pickup is a go for wed. Has been sitting a month or so according to the site guy but who really knows if they are telling the truth. Tossed in 2 new NAPA batts at 810 CCA each and check out...
  17. scooter01922

    Mig and huey pics

    While off previewing the 818 today i finally got around to taking some pics of these for you guys. Huey is obviously never gonna leave its current position as anything but scrap but its still cool to look at. The Mig on the other hand may or may not be quasi functional. Its privately owned but...
  18. scooter01922

    Who got the 818 in MA ???

    Anyone here get it??? Went and previewed it today as i was hoping to get it myself. Ended a little higher than i could afford but someone got a great deal IMO. Need any recovery help i'm right down the road :-)
  19. scooter01922

    Bridge truck on CL in MA CHEAP !!!!

    Just spotted this on Cl and really don't need it, hope someone can save it. Says it even has the bridge. 1958 m139 5 ton 6x6 military
  20. scooter01922

    M35A1 starting issues, with vid for diagnosis

    M35A1 starting issues, UPDATED 10/1/09 Ok guys, another work day on the M35A1 has passed. After bleeding and bleeding the fuel system still wasn't working much at all. After consulting with gimpy and stretch ( thanks guys) I tossed some gas in the air filter and it was willing to run a few...
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