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  1. mike634

    Marking Under Fender

    Found this under the left front fender of my 1028. Its on the front left side of the cab covered by the fender. Any idea what "Cut in 4850A" could mean?
  2. mike634

    Stuck Brake Drum

    My right side brake drum on my M1028 has gotten the best of me. Axle shaft is out and the locking ring is removed. E brake is off. The wheel would not move by hand when I started on it. The adjuster is frozen and I am letting it soak overnight in PB blast. I was able to work it where I can...
  3. mike634

    Tail Pan Replacement

    Has anyone replaced the tail pan on the bed of a M1028? I have all the bolts out but the old one feels like it is spot welded in or just rusted in. The part is on the underside of the bed at the back end of the bed if I am not referring to it by it's right name. This is the part below.
  4. mike634

    Truck Stalling

    My M1028 ended up on the back of a tow truck today. The problem started yesterday on a trip to West Point in New York. I topped off the tank with 10 gallons of diesel and headed out. About 40 miles into the ride the truck lost power and started letting out blue smoke from the tailpipes. It...
  5. mike634

    Ford CUCV

    Spotted several of these Ford trucks on base over the weekend. They do not have black out lights. The tie downs are on the frame as well as the bumpers. Looks like they run on diesel and JP8. They have an AM/FM radio and AC.
  6. mike634

    Inlet Oil Cooler Lines

    Can anyone confirm if AC part numbers 12472195 and 12472196 are the same lines as part numbers in the TM? The TM numbers are 14061344 and 14061345. After reading all the treads about this I am confused if they will work. I found them on Amazon.
  7. mike634


    My 86 M1028 is down with s burnt starer. Will the reduced drive bolt up with no medications needed? I need to get the truck back on the road ASAP. The local Auto zone is saying they have a starter in stock but I think the parts guy is not understanding I need a 24 volt starter. If i cant fnd one...
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