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  1. Krempely

    Unidentified MV Wiring Harness - Possible M422

    I have three of these wiring harnesses and planned to use them for spare parts for my M151 and M37 projects. Can anyone identify them by the pictures attached? The waterproof bag and cardboard box inside had no tag(s) or identifying information. The wiring is pliable and like new; no soft...
  2. Krempely

    M151A1 steering wheel

    I'm a new member to the MUTT family. Is it possible to remove the M151A2 steering wheel from the column and replace it with an A1 steering wheel? Are the A1 and A2 steering wheels interchangable? My MUTT is living up to it's name. I've got A2 parts all over a 1964 M151. This machine...
  3. Krempely

    M151A1 and A2 lug studs - interchangable?

    I have a '64 M151. The lug studs are the larger M151A2. Is it possible to knock out the A2 studs and replace them with A1 studs? Also, previous owner torched the A1 stud out of the spare tire carrier. I have a spare A1 lug to "fix" that little problem. Thanks, Krempely
  4. Krempely

    M151 1964 Kaiser serial number - 9 digit?

    Anyone have a 9 digit serial number on their 1964 (Feb '64) Kaiser M151. Serial number is located on the dash mounted (round rivets) data plate. The SN is 704######. Also, the right front frame/engine rail has a Data plate/sticker that indicates the body was manufactured by Freuhauf (No...
  5. Krempely

    M135 starter question

    HELP! Anyone know of a parts kit or the part number for the starter used on M135/M211 G749 series trucks? I have a '53 M135 and the starter turns over fine (spins fast) but does not engage the engine every time or not long enough before it disengages.
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