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  1. pistonring

    M816 hoist winch cable replacement

    I have a main hoist cable to replace on my M816 wrecker. I am using a three part line if it makes a difference. I have TM 9-2320-260-20-3-4 and it explains the change out well. I would like to have a new cable on hand when I take the old cable off so I can put it back together the same day...
  2. pistonring

    30 kw gensets

    I recently got a MEP005A 30 kw genset from Ft Meade and have gotten quite the education on these units. I didn't preview the one I bought in October and found the engine locked tight. Further investigation tells that loads of gensets are sent from Letterkenny to other GL sites to be sold. Many...
  3. pistonring

    What trailer is this? M870? or ?

    Can anybody ID the trailer in the first two pictures that is hooked to the M931 tractor? This looks like a lighter trailer than the M870a1 as in recent threads and also in the third picture. All of these pictures are from the Camp Pendleton CA site Marine Corps Mechanized Museum - Est. 1999...
  4. pistonring

    Fort Meade preview / inspection help

    If anyone will be at Fort Meade in the next few weeks please pm me. There are a couple of items that I would like to have looked at.:-D Thanks,
  5. pistonring

    Recovered two M105's with one deuce

    I picked up three trailers at Fort Meade this week. We convoyed an m818 and a deuce. Had a pair of m105's and a M129a1c supply semi trailer to recover. Took off the cargo cover and bows so that one 105 would fit in the back of the deuce. Took off one set of side racks and laid them on...
  6. pistonring

    TM needed for MEP-005A 30kw genset

    Anybody have a -34 manual for the 30 kw MEP-005A genset? This is not the operators manual, should be the depot level. TM5-6115-465-34 should be the one. The SS TM list doesn't have this one. I did a search and couldn't find it online for downloading. Maybe I didn't look in the right...
  7. pistonring

    M818 mud flap bracket help needed

    I am trying to get the truck pictured in my avatar ready for the road. Part of the state inspection stuff includes clearance lights and tag lights.I hate to cob the truck up with these trashy looking lights but I must attempt to follow the law even if i don't agree with it. :evil: The other...
  8. pistonring

    Tire size on M295 semi trailer? 9:00 or 11:00

    I would like to know if the m295 semi trailer takes 9:00 -20 or 11:00 -20 tires. :?:This is the same 6 ton semi trailer for the expansible electric shops with tandem axle NDT tires. I want to hook one behind the M818 and am trying to line up spare tires. Also what are the racks on the front...
  9. pistonring

    How is your M-818 tagged? Pls help

    I am the proud owner of a m-818 5 ton tractor from Ft Meade.:-D After installing a new battery and some air in a leaky tube and a turn signal wire repair I have a nice running truck. My initial plan was to get a military drop deck trailer to haul my antique farm tractors to local farm shows...
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