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    Cpappy M1009 Restoration

    Here is my M1009 that I will be doing some work on, Just started on it last Saturday and was able to take off the Cap ,hood fenders . Sunday removed the passenger side rear quarter panel where there was a dent that was to much to work with , so I decided to just remove it and order a new one ...

    M1009 Blazer upholstery

    Just wondering if any members have bought upholstery kit for their M1009 from LMC or any of the other part suppliers. If so do you have any pictures of them installed .

    Here I go again new M1009

    Just brought home a M1009 from Pa. fire Dept. GSA Stated motor problem and steering problems . Put in one new battery and she started right up after about a min. of running a mouse came running out with one of her baby's , and as for as steering cant find anything wrong . There is a noise coming...

    Front spring hanger width .

    Could someone measure there M1028 front spring hanger width , I just received new bushing and new heavy Duty shackle kit from ORD, and the steel liner bushing measure 3.500 and my truck measures 3.750 they told me that some must have changed the hanger out. They told me that Chevy all measured...

    Brake power booster help .

    Need some help with the assy. of the power booster . the part in question is which way the spring retainer goes, the TM said the spring retaineris tabs to face outward I think it should be the other way. I have some picture of what iam talking about . One pictue shows the retainer with what I...

    Motor Breaking Help

    Need some help with engine break in procedure. First off I have never rebuilt an engine before, Saturday I was able to get the wiring put back together and wired in the new fuel pump. After cranking over the motor 3-4 time the motor started and sounds great , I only ran it for about 30 sec...

    6.2 turbo exhaust questions .

    Need help with adding 3" turbo exhaust to to my M1028 . Does anyone have picture of how they ran there pipe . I am guessing it will need to go thru the wheelwell. Any pictures will help. :lost:

    What pre-filter before electric fuel pump

    Need help finding a pre-filter before the electric fuel pump I am installing on my M1028. I have looked all over . Napa sells one filter down to a 140 mic. Is that good enough. Just wondering what others are using.

    My final m1028 project

    Here are so pictures of my build project . Truck bed has one coat of epoxy primer on it, doors ,fenders and hood have all body work done to them and ready for epoxy primer. Thinking about removing cab to paint the frame . It looks like it would be a lot of work .
  10. CPAPPY

    Need some help.

    Need some help finding a supplier for crossover steering for my M1028. I will need one for 6-8 inch lift . I have had one on order from OFF ROAD since the first week in Feb. they keep saying 2 more weeks . I have also tried 4WHEEL PARTS .
  11. CPAPPY

    6.5 detuned to a 6.2

    Just won (2) 6.5 detuned motors, now the big question what is a detuned motor. Can someone help explain it to me . Thanks
  12. CPAPPY

    Another m1028 restoration start

    Here are some pictures of my m1028 in progress. Should be ready to sell in April. It has been hard to work on with temp. so cold but that will change soon. Here is what I started with.
  13. CPAPPY

    Need a seat cover.

    Anyone need a seat cover ,the back is good no tears in it ,the bottom cover has two areas . One in the center and other driver seat area. Not that bad , I have hog ring pliers and rings. pay for shipping only , just hate to throw away. PLEASE SEND ME A PRIVATE MESSAGE .
  14. CPAPPY

    6.2 Turbo Question

    Just wondering is this correct . Today I was cleaning the intake plentium and notice the part that mount to the the plentium is sloted around the out side contour, I would have thought it would be opened more .
  15. CPAPPY

    Altering 2 wheel steering gear box.

    Can anybody tell me where to find drawing/ blueprints on how to alter a 2 wheel steering gear box for hydro assist , I seen it somewhere post here or some other site . I think all that is needed is to drill and tap 2 holes . I would like to alter the box and just put pipe plugs in if needed in...
  16. CPAPPY

    M1028 shelter ?

    I bought this truck with this shelter on it , not sure what it is . And it worth. I need to get rid of it . All I have been using it for to store parts in . But spring is just around the corner and eager to start working on these trucks . So I will need to get it posted on the classified...
  17. CPAPPY

    Where to buy door seals /windshield seals

    I am wanting to find a good source for door seals and window seals , I have use LMC but the door seal seems to be to firm that you need to slam the door shut . Looking for some thing like factory quality. I have heard that the LMC windshield seals are junk .
  18. CPAPPY

    Engine stalls

    My M1028 stalls after you release the gas pedal . It run fine , at idle and driving down the road has good acceleration also , but if you let up on the pedal to quick it stalls, let up easy it stays running. Truck starts good in the cold weather also .:-x
  19. CPAPPY

    6.2 bore diameter

    I have all over the internet for 6.2 cylinder bore diameter tolerance min / max . And the tolerance of the pistons min/max .
  20. CPAPPY

    Rim and tire set up

    Just want to see pictures of what rims and tires size setup you M1008 / M1028 guy are running . I have a M1028 that I want to put NITTO MUD GRAPPLERS on, the size I want are 38x15.5x 18 any comments on thoughs tires . Lets see some rim and tire pictures , OH , M1009 also.
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