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  1. Mullaney

    Correct 1982 Army green

    Just so you can see it, the hard top that I bought came with woodland camo already painted on it. You can see from the picture below that my 1983 Wrecker (M936) is 383 Green and the truck and the top are a really close match. The boom in the picture below has some 383 RAPCO Rattle Can Green...
  2. Mullaney

    Question; M1009 CB Power Wiring

    . @jplace1011 , If you decide to wire the radio directly to the battery - or if you wire it so the ignition is on for it to function - having a fuse as close as possible to the connection point (source juice) is a good plan. You could put spare fuses in the glove box, or you could step up to a...
  3. Mullaney

    M818 Generator/alternator question

    . You should be good to go once you get it cranked. That Cummins doesn't have any electronics in it, so the motor is good to go. It should have a manual transmission, so there isn't an Allison involved. Brake Lights are about your only concern - and if you have a chase vehicle - that can be no...
  4. Mullaney

    hydraulic fluid needed for skytrak m6000

    . Any chance you can see the data plate with the military numbers on it? Might make it easier to pull the Technical Manuals. Otherwise, the JLG version of that vehicle uses regular hydraulic oil for the boom.
  5. Mullaney

    Tale of two Deuces

    . I was being nice and that "P" was for a four letter word that I left out. 6 P's or 7 P's, either way is right. One is more specific ;-) Didn't want to get sent to SS Jail for bad language...
  6. Mullaney

    Tale of two Deuces

    . Prior Planning Prevents P Poor Performance No words spoken or written say it any more clearly!
  7. Mullaney

    M1008 Build

    . Wow! Reading that article makes me need to try it! .
  8. Mullaney

    M135 pooper sucker

    . Seems like a heck of a good price. Especially if it cranks and rolls under its own power. Yeah, She has seen its share of stinky stuff but water will solve that problem. A roll of quarters at the local car wash and she will look like several times that money!
  9. Mullaney

    FREE - used motor oil and diesel fuel

    . Wow! Your thread view numbers are up to 127 this morning (8/15 @ 0830). People are definitely looking.
  10. Mullaney

    Correct 1982 Army green

    . Missing the rest of your post?
  11. Mullaney

    M1008 Build

    . Folks who do that work are getting harder and harder to find. Radiator soldering requires skill rather than pressing a button on a controller. In our town of over a million, there is one place in town that would tackle that job. Owner of that place is 71 and when he is gone, I don't know...
  12. Mullaney

    WTB Ferret or any other compatible distributor for a B60 engine

    . I was thinking you had a running Ferret? I was planning to ask you about the solid state upgrades to those B60 distributors...
  13. Mullaney

    M813 on obstacle course

    . Agreed! Also agree with the comment from the second post in 2018 that the guy needs to be choked for treating that truck like that. Yeah, impressive to see but short of me being shot at - I wouldn't treat my truck like that. Picture below is from 2018 @ the Clark County Fair
  14. Mullaney

    AWD and Slip

    . Agreed!
  15. Mullaney

    FREE - used motor oil and diesel fuel

    . Yes sir. Back up one level from looking at this post by clicking on the "Alternative Fuels" link. At about 1330 today 8/14, 65 folks have looked at your post. At least one of those was me. I clicked on it because I was being nosy. I also don't have a multi-fuel to run it in... Home...
  16. Mullaney

    Correct 1982 Army green

    . Assuming that there wasn't a change between 1982 and 1983 - then 383 is the right green. My 1983 is sun faded, but it is really close to the right 383 green color.
  17. Mullaney

    M109 rotted floor

    . . Looks like an overhead leak of some sort for who knows how many years... Now you need a rain storm and see where the water is/was coming in. Or maybe a water hose and time. Could be that is only happens going down the road at 40 and the rain blows up and under the outside layer of the...
  18. Mullaney

    M109 rotted floor

    . I think you would be well served with CDX or Marine Grade plywood and lots of paint of some sort of Raptor liner.
  19. Mullaney

    M109 rotted floor

    . Everybody has an opinion, but wood is that it was built with. I would go back with marine grade plywood and paint it on both sides before you start attaching it to the truck bed. Is that steel that you are referring to "sheetmetal" (thin stuff, non structural)? Might be worth posting up a...
  20. Mullaney

    Cooling issues

    . Yes Sir! Agreed on all points including age!
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