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  1. Mark2X2

    Inverter/Charger for Camper Conversions, Marine or Home

    I bought this inverter charger a while a go for back up power to my outdoor hot air wood stove. It also would work for campers or marine applications. It is rated for 3000 watt cont 6000 watt peak. If you are plugged into shore power or a generator it...
  2. Mark2X2

    What are M101A3 Trailer HMMWV Tires Worth?

    I have an chance to buy a M101A3 with the HMMWV tires. I have no use for those big fat buggers, I have some pick up style tires and rims I will use so I can carry a spare on the trailer. Anyone have an idea of the going rate on 2 complete tires and rims with at least 3/4 of the tread left...
  3. Mark2X2

    M916 Replacement Transmissions

    Just curious, I see a listing for a M916, it says it has a 9 speed transmission, shows a shift lever and clutch pedal. I have driven quite a few in active duty and reserves, all had the Cat 16 speed. Is this a replacement transmission or did Uncle Sam have them with 9 speeds. Can't post it or I...
  4. Mark2X2

    Who Has a Junk Lift Pump They Will Give Me?

    I'm doing a little R&D with a Duece in tank lift pump. Mine is buried in the snow now and I hate to open up the tank. If someone has a junk lift pump they could send me, I would pay the shipping and a little for your trouble. Then I could have the pump assembly I'm building ready to bolt in for...
  5. Mark2X2

    Lift Pump GPH

    Anybody have any idea the gallons per hour rating and pressure rating on the lift pump for the LDT-465 multi fuel engine? I have a possibly substitute lift pump that is rated at 19 GPH and 4-6 PSI and is 28 VDC Thanks,
  6. Mark2X2

    Any Regrets Bobbing Your Deuce?

    Anybody ever regret bobbing there Deuce? It's not like a bad hair cut that grows back in a couple weeks. When its wacked there is no turning back. Just wondering.
  7. Mark2X2

    M101A1 Light Flip

    When I wired my M101A1 for 12v, switched my light assemblies flipped them and bolted them with the black outs up. Makes the lights more visible, if your not using the black outs anyway.
  8. Mark2X2

    What Deuce Spare Parts do You Carry?

    Besides a belt and light bulbs, whats the magic part to keep you going? When I was running a 360 Dodge camper, always carried a ballast resistor, and an ignition module. Is there a similar Deuce part you should carry?
  9. Mark2X2

    Tilting Deuce Hood?

    Anybody try making a M35A2 hood, grill and fenders into a tilt hood? I know it would be pretty heavy, maybe hydraulic, pneumatic or mechanical lift of some kind. Any thoughts or seen it done? Think it would be nice feature.
  10. Mark2X2

    Bobbed Deuce vs M37

    Besides being taller, how much bigger is a Bobbed M35A2 Deuce than a M37 Dodge power Wagon? Turning radius, which is better. Anybody have some pictures of the two side by side. thanks
  11. Mark2X2

    Have 4)3116's Would they work in an M35A2?

    Let me start out by saying, this is a would it or could it work question. Have no complaints with my LDT465 engine or tranny in my M35A2. The only thing I don't like is no power steering. We just retired 4)Chevy buses with 3116 Cats, 3) have 5 speeds, 1) 4 speed Allison auto. They all have...
  12. Mark2X2

    Anybody seen my old M817?

    I was in Heilbron Germany 1984-1986 with A co 237th Engineers. My truck was A206, a M817, it had some unique features. Before I started driving it the cab shield was crushed down and replaced with a shield from a M929. So it stuck up above the cab by 16", I installed a extra OVM box above the...
  13. Mark2X2

    What's the Best Deuce?

    So what's the best Deuce & engine combination? My truck is a GP with a White engine and whistler turbo. Just picked up a Kaiser-Jeep with a Continental from G.L. for a friend. It also has a turbo, but is a lot more quite. Haven't driven his on the road, so I don't know which has more power. Both...
  14. Mark2X2

    Trailer Idea

    Been thinking (which is scary enough) With all the Bobbed jobs going on how about this for a trailer. Take two M105 frames & axles, the rear suspension and bed off the M35. Put them all together and make a nice tandem trailer. I think the 105 axles would pull a lot easier than M35 axles. Would...
  15. Mark2X2

    Hauled a Load of Firewood

    Loaded up the Deuce with firewood, used my 653E John Deere with a FabTek 4 roller processor head. Just set the cut length to 20", took an hour & 15 minutes to cut up two cords of wood into 20" firewood. Dropped it into the stack, got up on the load a few times to straighten it up, no heavy...
  16. Mark2X2

    Got my trailers

    Picked up 4)M105's & 1)M101 about two weeks ago from GL at Camp Ripley. a 105 & 101 for me and 3) 105's for my Dad Little screw up bent the rail on my 105, was a new bed, should get it straightened up. Mark M35A2 Deuce M105A2 Trailer M101A1 Trailer 3) Rokons
  17. Mark2X2

    Who has the Highest Mileage Deuce?

    Just wondering, any one have a 100,000 plus on a 35A2? Has anybody put any serious miles on there truck? The Military seems to change out motors by time & mileage from what I've seen. All the GL trucks I've looked at seem to have less than 35,000 miles. Mine had a new engine & tranny in 1985...
  18. Mark2X2

    14.00 20 tires on a Bobbed Deuce?

    I have used the "search" to the best of my ability. Looked at the posts that came up on "similar threads" No luck. Looked quite a ways back in the Deuce mod forum. So I did make an effort. Have a source for the old 14.00 20's off a 5 ton bridge trucks, $20 each with 5 ton rim. Plan on making my...
  19. Mark2X2

    FNG has a M35A2 Brake question

    FNG has a brake question. Talked to the site manager at Ft. McCoy he said he would go start my M35A2 & see if the brakes worked. He said it was slow to build air & the pedal was rock hard. He also told me about your web sight. My thought was the unloader valve on the compressor was stuck or...
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