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  1. whyme

    Failed recovery from drum, truck dead in rochester

    i appreciate all the suggestions and help from the various members and nonmembers alike. im happy to say that i was able to get a used replacement and install it this morning. the tip home was uneventful. ill get a few pics up when i get home from work and few misc running around.
  2. whyme

    Failed recovery from drum, truck dead in rochester

    not sure but i know its very high. there will be no patching this.
  3. whyme

    Failed recovery from drum, truck dead in rochester

    skip to the end if you dont wanna read about the whole trip i was pushed into recovering my m105 yesterday as GL would not allow an extension. recent mechanical and ongoing financial issues had forced me to push it back this far but i did my pre trip inspection and off i went. top has been...
  4. whyme

    Bondo Deuce, topless Deuce, bob time

    thanks for the compliments! ive got two tires on the 105 thats coming to me that will get me by and ill be in the market for some 395's or 14.00's soon. started the interior camera color is a tad off, the interior paint is a simple gray primer sealer. i choose it because its easy to deal...
  5. whyme

    M105 from Drum towards WNY

    EUC has cleared. if anyone can move this please let me know
  6. whyme

    ATTN: Armarillo Texas!! Oct. 12-16

    thats what i get for trusting Wikipedia. thank you, ill correct the original post.
  7. whyme

    WANTED - Parking *********

    no pic...
  8. whyme

    ATTN: Armarillo Texas!! Oct. 12-16

    thank you, will do.
  9. whyme

    Bondo Deuce, topless Deuce, bob time

    well did some rust management and got the cab primed and base coat of paint on. It was a last second decision to go black but ive got a few choices from here; on one hand i like the look of night camo (black, gray, white) but im very inclined to do a Vietnam tribute and use the stars and...
  10. whyme

    ATTN: Armarillo Texas!! Oct. 12-16

    this is a rather special request im making for a new friend of mine, his name is Joe Battaglia and he is a former member of the 26th Engineer Bn who served in Vietnam starting in 1969. i met him by chance and after seeing his photos and listening to his stories ive grown fond of the man. last...
  11. whyme

    Injured Elbow?

    ive always been too embarrassed to ever ask about this problem, good to know im not alone
  12. whyme

    M105 from Drum towards WNY

    if necessary ill make the entire trip but i was looking to see if i could same some of the drive as my truck isnt in remarkable condition at the moment. anyone that can get it any closer is much help. euc submitted to BC so pickup in the next 1-3 weeks is my guess. thanks, Dan
  13. whyme

    m101 bed vs m105 bed

    looks to be a 101
  14. whyme

    Bondo Deuce, topless Deuce, bob time

    reached a milestone yesterday, removed the bed!!! reality of what im doing is setting in and i like it!! ive also added a few more problems to my laundry list; found a few leaks in the return lines and fuel leaking around the filters and IP, i also have an oil leak at the IP and it seems ot be...
  15. whyme

    bobbed deuce with no modification to springs?

    ideally you'd wanna calculate the best position based on the load you intend to haul to maintain balance and stability id prob say the best position would be centered between the two or slightly rear of that. id suggest springs off of the m105 trailer or off of one of the Gen trailers (more...
  16. whyme

    bobbed deuce with no modification to springs?

    are you asking about removing the entire axle assembly, the axle shafts, or the drive shaft between the two? the term bobbing refers to removing an axle thus only 4 wheels on the truck while shortening the frame. some have opted to retain the full length of the truck and remove an axle for...
  17. whyme

    What did you win? June 16, 2011

    I got one of the others from drum, went for $250 in the end but a guy near me wants 650 for one so I think I made out ok.
  18. whyme

    M200A1 springs strong enough for bobbed deuce?

    ever find any info on this? ive got a winch truck and a little added spring up front might be nice. ive looked at the use of the m200a1 as a donor for a bobber and it looks like the associated hardware might not transfer over. looks like most of it is welded on to the frame of the m200
  19. whyme

    Lifted Bobbed Deuce leaf springs

    the rear could be accomplished by swapping the bogie out with that of a 5ton i believe (night be wrong but i think it would give some lift) at the very least it gives the spacing between axles to accommodate bigger tires (14-16.00's). that of course leaves you with an anemic truck unless you do...
  20. whyme

    4-M923s recovered from Meade

    looking to adopt another son? id be happy to take out the garbage and mow your lawn...
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