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  1. WillWagner


    Yes, that's why it is dripping from the inspection/adjustment cover.
  2. WillWagner

    Anyone know where to find tempered glass tilt out windows?

    I have not seen an RV window with shades between the panes EXCEPT for entry door windows, but they don't open. I do know Lippert has dual pane, but they don't make them, and Pelland has dual pane from multiple manufacturers. RecPro has windows, but I think they are single pane. All will come...
  3. WillWagner

    Steel Soldiers, users age

    Don't know when I replied to this thread, but it keeps popping up in notifications......59 this year. Sometimes it feels like that long, but sometimes, not so much. This past year has been a bit rough with the 3 level fusion, but this will pass! Retired early, grand kids, lots of vacation time...
  4. WillWagner

    M51a2 flashers

    Unknown on the pub number. TM9-2320-211-xx, I think 211 was the M51A1/2 number. It is not here in the TM section though. A question, when the truck was retired, did they work? All the stuff worked for a bit after the stalk replacement then stopped? The stalks are known to screw up, so another...
  5. WillWagner

    M818 gets a 7(6+1)-Speed

    Looks good Brian! The only thing I would suggest is that you get a bit longer bolts for the T case mounts. The threads should protrude minimum 2 threads past the lock ring in the nuts. They will loosen as they are installed now.
  6. WillWagner

    Finding the "good" wheel cylinder kits...

    That's what Karps and the one back east do. I do know the place back east is kinda slow, but their work is good. Last time they were used it took 6 weeks or so to get parts back.
  7. WillWagner

    Finding the "good" wheel cylinder kits...

    It depends on what is failed. Big 'ol pits from water usually leak as the cups go by. Split cups, especially the chicom ones, will cause the fluid to come pouring out as soon as the pedal is depressed.
  8. WillWagner

    Finding the "good" wheel cylinder kits...

    Pressure baby. If the leaking cylinder(s) decide to completely fail, all of the pressure created in the system will escape via the leak(s). That is why dual chamber/split system MC's were invented. If there were a failure in either the front or rear, you will have a chance to stop/have some sort...
  9. WillWagner

    Finding the "good" wheel cylinder kits...

    Out this way, there is a place that sleeves master cylinders, Karps. They can bore and sleeve master cylinders, wheel cylinders and assemble with new pieces parts that they manufacture. I know there is a place back east that does the same thing and they too make their own parts, White House...
  10. WillWagner

    M51a2 flashers

    I believe it is the turn signal assy
  11. WillWagner

    Exhaust Manifold Bolt Torque

    General torque values from a Cummins Engine Co. repair manual. Exhaust manifold bolts are 7/16-14.
  12. WillWagner

    65 Kaiser M35A2 project starts

    Out here, Teamsters are strong. My Machinists are fading, but there is hope on the horizon. Save, save, save. Vote, union, local/national elections.
  13. WillWagner

    65 Kaiser M35A2 project starts

    Congrats on the new job! What union/local? Got a pension? Truck is coming along nicely!
  14. WillWagner

    Bleeding the HEMTT fuel system

    HEMTT, I believe it is an 8V92 driptroit, no fuel lines to crack. It is a common rail type of system. A positive displacement gear pump directly feeds passages in the heads. Maybe crack the discharge line out of the gear pump, but it should fire fine with a bit of help from the pressurized tank.
  15. WillWagner

    Bleeding the HEMTT fuel system

    Same principle as Guyfang, just get a mess of rags, stick the air nozzle into the filler neck and pack tightly with the rags. Hold your hand over the wad of rags or they will blow out. AND a little will do ya, really, 2 psi maybe. If you have a full tank, S L O W L Y release the pressure or you...
  16. WillWagner

    Artisan's M916

    I have not seen Brad here in a while. I know he moved, he was a mile up the road from me and I don't see his stuff there.
  17. WillWagner

    Hood Not Closing Properly

    Rules out cab mounts. There is an NSN/PN printed on the horn, maybe you can run that and see if is the correct part for your truck.
  18. WillWagner

    M35a2 Deuce NO START

    After reading this, I was gonna say check for an exhaust restriction, but you got it figured out!
  19. WillWagner

    M35A2 Air Pack Questions???

    In my experiences, if the pedal stops then slowly goes to the floor, it is usually a master cylinder issue. Did you install ChiCom master and wheel cyls? If so, I know in the past, the cups are junk and I have actually seen a wheel cylinder cup split. The rubber is crap, like Harbor Freight...
  20. WillWagner

    Hood Not Closing Properly

    Is the heater box mounted to the cab or chassis?
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