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  1. M813rc

    Steel Soldiers MV of the month 2022 - July VOTE HERE!

    This is a real dog fight! Last month's competition drew a rather pathetic total of 28 votes, but this month we have 64 votes so far, and it isn't over yet! Cheers
  2. M813rc

    Try not to laugh but !

    One thing to keep in mind is that there are only around twenty V100s known to be in private hands in the US, restored and unrestored. There are probably a few lurkers hidden away in barns somewhere. There used to be quite a few Vs in police use, but they have mostly been retired due to age...
  3. M813rc

    AN/UGC-74 teletype

    Thanks to NDT, it looks like I have already found one semi-locally. :) What a great group of folks inhabit this board!! It also shows that it is often worth asking "Hey! Does anyone have an extra one of these obscure items?". :) Cheers
  4. M813rc

    AN/UGC-74 teletype

    That would be outstanding!! I'd happily make it worth their while. Cheers
  5. M813rc

    AN/UGC-74 teletype

    I am looking for an AN/UGC-74 teletype terminal for my M348 command trailer. Working condition is unimportant so long as it looks good (It's for display in the trailer, I'll likely never hook it up for use). I found one for sale in Tobyhanna PA, but the seller refuses to ship it, local pick up...
  6. M813rc


    That state just gets more and more bizarre! Cheers
  7. M813rc

    Humvee USMC Markings

    Yes, I was a Marine. I was always interested in accurately documenting markings because I was a model builder in my youth. My sons were also Marines. Son-the-elder was a combat engineer and heavy truck driver (LVSR MKR-16) with 1st CEB, so I was allowed access to his motor pool on Camp...
  8. M813rc

    Humvee USMC Markings

    On most USMC Humvees the markings are painted on, some had stickers but they tended to peel. For unit repaint, the USMC stencil comes precut, with the letters closer together than can be done with brass stencils, and a different style M, but regular brass stencils are sometimes used. Number...
  9. M813rc

    TX Can't get title/registration in Texas - suggestions?

    Kenn, since you indicated you are applying for a FMV plate, this isn't necessary for you, but I'll add it anyway for other folks who might read the thread. Texas will let you register a military vehicle by any number/letter combination painted (or stickered) anywhere on the vehicle if it is...
  10. M813rc

    U.S. Navy M274A3?

    The other-than-authorized "reassignment of Government assets" is very common amongst the services. ;) It is also possible that the Navy actually legally acquired the Mule, but that doesn't sound like nearly as good a tale. Usually, to get the truth of the matter you'd have to find the actual...
  11. M813rc

    Finally delivered M1028. Few questions.

    How about 383 with new safety tape and door decal? Maybe yellow tape? That would look cool and less civilian. ;-) Cheers
  12. M813rc

    Put Burt to work

    The best ride I ever had in the M813 was when the Guard donated some surplus bottled water to us, because they didn't have room to store it. At the end of a show on Camp Mabry, they asked "Hey, can we donate some left over water to y'all to get it out of our way?" I told them "Sure!". They...
  13. M813rc

    WTB: CVC helmet (ballistic ones) need 2 LARGE and 2 SMALL/MEDIUM

    Yes, you can spray paint the shells. Use masking tape on the rubber edging if you want to do it right, though you'll find that the military folks often skip that step when changing colours on their helmets. The paint code for the correct Tan is 33446, the same as used for vehicles (overall tan...
  14. M813rc

    US Air Force lettering

    Yep, the way Lemay set it up, SAC tended to have their own world! The "dots or not" are both in period active duty photos, I never fully trust restoration photos because folks often don't do proper research. ;-) Unfortunately, that goes for museums too. :roll: East Texas, same state but...
  15. M813rc

    US Air Force lettering

    On the topic of dots/periods - that is one thing the Air Force was inconsistent about on application - roughly half the vehicles I have collected pictures of are marked U.S. and the other half are marked U S Tudorp, whereabouts in Texas? Cheers
  16. M813rc

    Steel Soldiers MV of the month 2022 - June VOTE HERE!

    Chevpol's M151 is so very nice, he got my vote. I really like M151s, and I drove them in the Marines last century. I hope to see it and the M109 (M185?) in the running on here again. Thank you to those who voted and commented on the V100. That vehicle took 3.5 years of my spare time, and was...
  17. M813rc

    US Air Force lettering

    Most welcome! Here is some more information. The Air Force always amuse me on how absolutely detailed they get on this kind of stuff - the markings manual runs 114 pages! I don't have a copy of Mil-STD-1223, that may be where the font type is to be found. Cheers
  18. M813rc

    US Air Force lettering

    Here is the marking size direct from the USAF vehicle paint and marking manual. I'll root further into it, I believe I read the font type, I just need to find it again. Cheers
  19. M813rc you like low flying aircraft?....then here ya go!

    I saw Comets, both long-nosed and short-nosed flying over every day back in the early 1970s in Ireland. Our house was under the approach path, and about seven miles from, Dublin airport. I always thought they were a graceful looking aircraft. The French Caravelle was another attractive plane...
  20. M813rc

    Steel Soldiers MV of the month 2022 - June VOTE HERE!

    Me too! That is Earl's paint booth at his shop. We did most of the heavy restoration work there because of his knowledge and the well equipped shop. My own "paint booth" is a Rube Goldberg affair of PVC pipe and tarps that I wrestle into submission when needed. :roll: Cheers
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