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  1. jluv1185

    Deuce winch kit price??

    I have seen a bunch of prices on the net. All the way up to $3500.00. What is the average decent price for a complete deuce winch kit "minus the bolts"? I have one that I may be putting up for sale to find another project. Thanks J
  2. jluv1185

    What to put in a M151 for display?

    I've commited to a uncut but slightly rusty M151 a2 from a buddy of mine. My plan is to make it a rolling display for the vietnam war to honor the unappreciated veterans (at the time). My question to y'all is what do I need to get to make it look like its back in service. What kind of radios...
  3. jluv1185

    Trucks needed for Livingston LA Parade

    Hello Friends, I was contacted by the man that is in charge of putting on the Livingston Veterans Day Parade. He needs as many MVs as I can get. The event is on saturday November 10th. We can line up as early as 7am, and the parade rolls at 1. We will line up at the walker high school...
  4. jluv1185

    Broke down member. info needed!

    One of our member just called me broke downon the side of the road. His injector line blew on #2. I run a tubing whse. What size od, and id is the line? Don't have time to dig.
  5. jluv1185

    Unimog FLU419 Tractor thing?

    I being attracted to the strange, keep getting drawn to these unimog (FLU419) loader/backhoe truck things. I noticed a few members have bought them from GL. My question is are they worth a poop? Do they do the job well? Looking at them it seems like that could go either way. They do have a cool...
  6. jluv1185

    Deuce winch help

    Hi Guys, I'm taking delivery on a PTO winch for Beatrice friday! YAY!!! My question to you all is I have seen many winch install threads on here in the past but after a search I cannot find the ones im looking for. I need the one where all of the bolt sizes are listed, and any of the ones where...
  7. jluv1185

    Deuce brake problem Help needed.

    My good friend John Spink is building a deuce. He put all new brake lines, new master cylinder, and front wheel cylinders. He pressure bled the brakes, and got really good pedal out of the truck. He drove it around and she worked fine. He let it sit for a day, and now no brakes. There is not a...
  8. jluv1185

    Deuce bed weight?

    How much does a deuce bed weigh? I maybe hauling a deuce pretty soon on a gooseneck. The bed is missing and I was wondering if anyone knows the weight of just the bed so I can get an idea of what my load will be. I know a complete deuce weighs around 13,500. Thanks, Justin
  9. jluv1185

    Louisiana guys

    I am taking Beatrice on a date to a small military museum grand opening in Walker LA this saturday. It is on walker north just a few miles off of I-12. I was wondering if any members needing something to do saturday would want to make it a double date? LOL I hope she doesn't get an attitude like...
  10. jluv1185

    Before and after of my Beatrice...

    I figured it was time to do a before and after of my deuce Beatrice. She had a rigged 109 box on the back when I bought her from GSA. After losing a few pounds (the box), 2 cases of rapco spray carc, and almost a year later this is what she looks like. Notice the custom bumper numbers. 8-)
  11. jluv1185

    Check your fuel pump!!!

    As some of you already know I broke down on my way to the LA rally at Tim's house. I was clipping along at 62 mph and all of a sudden she started slowing down, I clutched and the rpm's dropped to 0. I tried to start her with no luck. We (my girlfriend and I) coasted of to the side of I-12. I...
  12. jluv1185

    Deuce U-joint

    I called saturn surplus today, and the man while very nice couldn't tell me which u-joint was the one I needed. I wasn't cofused before I called, but when I hung up he had me second guessing. Can someone tell me what part # I need to order for the drivshaft to the front axle? I think its part#...
  13. jluv1185

    Antenna on deuce?

    I want to mount a antenna on my deuce, but i want to put it in the right spot. I have the spring base mount already and was wondering where is the proper place to put it, and how is it mounted? I have seen them in many places. If anyone has one already on their deuce can you post some pics for...
  14. jluv1185

    Deuce question...

    How can you tell if the front axle on a deuce is engaging? I dont have any mud to do a tire spin test, and when i flip the air switch i can't really tell a difference in the steering...I does make the air hiss noise when i throw the switch back to the off position. I there anything i can do to...
  15. jluv1185

    Help ID....

    I saw a APC today but it was really small. At first i thought it was a M113 but when i got closer i realized no way, it was just too small. It looks like it is amphibious like a M113 cause it has a flip up front thingy for the water, but it has a round rear door, not square. Man that thing was...
  16. jluv1185

    Deuce help!!!

    As you know i just got a deuce. I was planning on driving it to an event tomorrow, so i figured i'd take it out for one last test run today. Everything went great. When i got back we were doing a lil touch up paint on the front rims and thats when the surprise happened...The passenger side hub...
  17. jluv1185

    My first recovery/MV!!!

    Well i finally did it! Last week i noticed a few deuces for auction at the BR GSA lot. I told Lilbob about it and he was kind enough to go check them out for me. He picked a good one out for me, so i went into work late on wednesday to check it out for myself. I fell in love with it. The auction...
  18. jluv1185

    Light switch

    Does anyone have a diagram on the light switch in a deuce? Like what switch does what. I looked under resources, but for some reason my eyes cant focus on the lettering. (i think its the color) So i didn't make it very far. If someone has a link that would be great! Thanks
  19. jluv1185

    Pimp my deuce!!!

    I dont know if i like it yet but, its original! Other Makes : eBay Motors (item 130387007857 end time May-05-10 19:48:38 PDT)
  20. jluv1185

    Dovetail deuce!!!

    I dont know if yall have seen this yet but i think it pretty cool. military 6x6 truck with dovetail for loading
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