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  1. mistaken1

    Brake light switch

    Okay. I made up a test rig with an air tank pressure gauge and some fittings. I tested the new switch from 20 to 90 PSI and never saw continuity between terminals. I tested the original air switch from 10 to 40 PSI and never saw continuity between the terminals. When these are in the truck...
  2. mistaken1

    Brake light switch

    Does anyone know the PSI that is required to operate the air stop light switch? Eric's page indicates 5 to 8 PSI. I bought a new old stock unit but it does not appear to close at all. My original would activate the brake lights for a second or two then they would go out. Heading out to hook...
  3. mistaken1

    Starting system: "Yes" Anything else: "No"

    Check for 12V power at the diamond shaped bus on the driver's side. It receives power from the red wire on the negative post of the back battery. Check the battery dogbone cable as well.
  4. mistaken1

    fueltank and/or evap problems

    This pre-filter sits between the tank and the electric fuel pump? When you feed the electric pump from the jerry can you can drive the truck all day? New parts can be defective out of the box. If the clear prefilter is between the tank and the electric fuel pump and that fails but running the...
  5. mistaken1

    My first "real" problem

    Welcome to the site. Have you downloaded the free manuals from the resources section? There are wiring diagrams in them. Search for user unclesam, he colored the diagrams and posted them here. Could be the glow plug feed or the the 12V bus feed.
  6. mistaken1

    Back to 24V conversion glow plug question

    Feed the glow plugs with 12V and the resistor is NOT needed. Feed the glow plugs with 24V and the resistor IS needed. (stock form) In theory you could use 24V glow plugs and use a 24V feed without the resistor but then again that is not stock either.
  7. mistaken1

    Stupid question re: Radio Power Bus

    Exactly. Depends on what part of your body is negative and what part is positive. Electricity follows the path of least resistance, once it gets through the skin it will flow internally.
  8. mistaken1

    antenna bracket removal

    Anything to stop them from spinning. Reaching the from underneath to hold with pliers. Wedging something on the outside. Perhaps you can tighten them so they pull down against the body and then be able to get them out.
  9. mistaken1

    power connections

    The stock unit from the military should have a connection from L0 to the ground terminal on the frame. Verify that this is in place. When you take 120/240 off the generator run it to a small power power panel. Use a single pole breaker to feed the receptacle. When using 12/2 with ground...
  10. mistaken1

    gen 1 light and gen 2 sometimes

    Grounds. Be sure to check/clean the grounds as well.
  11. mistaken1

    bastard trailer

    Nice trailer. I have read the A2E2 is a beefier chassis than the A2 so I assume the A1E1 is a beefier chassis as well.
  12. mistaken1

    Stupid question re: Radio Power Bus

    Ohms Law V/R=I 24/1100=0.0218 amps Ohm Check | DIY Electrical Forums -- The web's best DIY electrical community - Human electrical resistance The electrical resistance of the human body depends on the condition of your skin at the time of measurement. If your skin is wet, you could have a...
  13. mistaken1

    is a mep-002 enough to start a/c

    My heat pump was new in 2004. The MEP-002A starts and runs it in heating or cooling mode (80% to 100% on the meter depending on what else is on).
  14. mistaken1

    MEP-002a wiring sizing question

    Insulation is the key. The current limits are designed to protect the insulation. #10 wire can carry much more current before the wire melts however the insulation will melt/catch fire long before the copper melts. As Ken_86gt suggests select the proper combination of wire size and insulation...
  15. mistaken1

    Electrical Ideas

    Look online at a 280 watt solar panel. Roughly 3.5' x 5.5'. 280W/14V=20A compare that to a 100A alternator (assuming you can find a 280W 12V nominal panel). You will need a charge controller. There are charts for solar Insolation, I am guessing you would get 6 to 7 hours on average. The...
  16. mistaken1

    MEP-002a help

    Welcome to the site. Did you download the free manuals? There is a trouble shooting section in them that may help. So right now you have no 24V power to anything? DC Circuit Breaker? Batteries good? Battery ground connection to the unit? Trace the positive wires until you find the point...
  17. mistaken1

    MEP-701A / MEP-016B.....more electrical hook up quesitons

    I am not personally familiar with your generator but I think it is safe to say one should never change the reconnection switch while the generator is running (on any of the MEP generators).
  18. mistaken1

    Doghead Starter Relay Mod query

    Doh! :doh: Now I have to go back and change everything and I'm still too slow. And I had a cup of coffee! My wife says I talk too much.
  19. mistaken1

    Doghead Starter Relay Mod query

    The starter relay MUST have an isolated coil (same as the GP relay). A relay is nothing more than an electrically controlled switch. The small terminals control the switch and the large terminals are the switch. In the unit linked the black wire would terminate on one small terminal and...
  20. mistaken1

    power connections

    L1=phase 1 (black) L3=phase 2 (red) L0=grounded conductor (white) frame=grounding conductor (green) Get a ground rod and drive it in the ground where the generator sits. Use a short piece of #6 copper wire to go from the ground lug on the frame to the ground rod. Your best bet is to use a...
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