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  1. greg burns

    Deuce Hood Lift Kit Availability

    I was wondering if anyone still makes the kits with the struts for easily raising the Deuce hood. I know that BBQROD was making and selling them back in 2014. It appears that he hasn't posted them for sale since then. I've tried to PM him and received an error message that his mailbox is full...
  2. greg burns

    An Article Today about MRAP vehicles and NASA

    This was published on Jalopnik today: Moderators, please move or delete it if it is in the wrong place.
  3. greg burns

    New Foreign Scout Military Vehicles

    The Jalopnik website has recently featured two new vehicles that look interesting:
  4. greg burns

    Off-road Magazine Article about M109 camper

    FYI: This months issue (Mar. '14) of Petersen's 4-wheel and off-road magazine has a nice article about an M109 with a deluxe camper: greg
  5. greg burns

    Vehicle Banners for Veteran's Day

    I was wondering if there are any recommended sources for vehicle sized banners that would be appropriate for Veteran's Day parades. A google search did not turn up much. I did not find any listings in the SS classifieds section. Thanks. greg
  6. greg burns

    MRE Depot

    I was wondering if people have been generally satisfied with the Deuces that they have purchased at the MRE Depot in California. The trucks seem to look very good after they have serviced/painted them. I searched the Deuce forum but found no threads for MRE Depot.
  7. greg burns

    Hello from Western Colorado

    I recently joined SS and have been lurking up to now. I just acquired my first MV. It is a 1977 M35A2C w/w. I purchased the truck from a gentleman in Idaho who restores military vehicles. I made the purchase at the Idaho Military Vehicle rally hosted at the Idaho Motor Pool. I was told that the...
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