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    6.2 diesel to 454 big block gas burner swap.

    Hey everyone this thread is to document my big block swap on my cucv m1008. thanks again for all the information that was provided in this thread ( ). I am going to put a edelbrock performer...

    cucv m1008 6.2 to 454 big block swap questions.

    Hello everyone, I am starting to get tired of having issues with my 6.2 n/a diesel in my 1986 m1008 and am thinking about swapping in a 454 big block gasser. I know where a 1989 motorhome with a 454 and a th400 transmission is, that im thinking about getting the engine and transmission out of...

    Can we let cucvrus come back?

    Hi everyone. A great member here cucvrus can't get on the site. He has not been able to find out if he was banned or what. So if anyone knows what's going on please post up and I'll pass on the info. Thanks

    Cucvlover's m1008 the green machine.

    Hello all. I figured as much as I do to or with my truck why not do a write up on it. I will add to this thread as I do anything important to or with the truck. Also I will be posting about past events and experiences for your reading pleasure. So I hope everyone enjoys this thread and gets some...

    Back up beeper for a larger MVs.

    I know they are annoying but a back up beeper can save a life. Everyone sees people walking in parking lots with their face stuck in the cell phone. They might not see that 13k lbs duece rolling towards them, but a beeper they might hear. I don't have a deuce or other large MV but a beeper...

    Looking at buying a deuce and I have a couple questions

    Hello all, First things first, I don't really know that much about the m35a2, so I have a few questions. I am looking at buying a 1973 bobbed m35a2, it has the winch, whistler muiltifuel, I believe it is air shift transfer case and super singled. The winch is supposed to work but it needs...

    Cucv spin on fuel filter question.

    Hello all. I have to finally bit the bullet and get rid of the box filter on my cucv. So I need some advice on a spin on fuel filter for my m1008. I want one with a water in fuel sensor, a heater, bleader valve and if possible a primer pump. I don't really care if its just a spin on filter or a...

    m1008 only starts when pointing down hill

    I have a 1986 m1008 with a completely stock drive train. I drove the truck most of the day yesterday, all around town and some longer runs. I got home and let the truck set for a few hours and it wouldn't start. It has done this once before when pointed up hill and I was a little low on fuel...

    Fuel gauge questions.

    Hi all. So a quick story. I drove the green machine the other and it ran great. I get home and next I start it and it runs for just a second then it goes dead. Tried to start and nothing, opened an injector line and its dry. Took off the feeder hose for the injection pump and no fuel. So in...

    i was wondering/needing advice on....

    I am looking at lifting my m1008 with stock running gear by adding air bags. The front springs have some negative arch which I know is normal and the back springs are ok. What im thinking about doing is putting air bags on both the axles. This way the truck will hold more weight and it will set...

    how hard do you drive it

    I have an m1008 all stock drive train. I have run it about 60-63 on flat ground and its turning about 32-3350 RPM. I have a tachometer. So I was wondering how fast y'all drive your cucv m1008 or m1028, m1010 or pick up variants also the m1009. Thanks.

    another cucv electrical question

    Hi everyone thank you for your help in advance. I have a 1986 m1008 that has a couple quirks.:evil: The volt gauge that was in the truck did not read so I put a take out unit in and still no reading so I wired it to the 24 volt lug in the fuse panel that's on all the time. so I had to use a 12...

    m35a2 advice needed

    I have found a duece I like and I had a couple questions and I was hoping y'all could help. 1: the ad says its a 1954 AM general m35a2 with the white LTD 465 multi fuel and whistler turbo. My question is, is this even possible did Am general even build these trucks in 54? 2: The owner says the...

    is it OK to leave the front hub locked when patches of ice are expected

    Hello all. I was wondering if with all this ice and snow we are getting here in west tn, it would be OK to leave the front hubs locked in while out and about in my m1008 with 33 inch tires where ice patches are expected? If the roads happen to be clear I would unlock them but if the Roads aren't...

    west Tennessee member

    Hey everybody merry Christmas. Is anyone close to Jackson Tennessee? Chase coker

    Detroit locker question

    I looked around and couldn't find what I needed to know to I guess I'll just ask my question. I have a 1986 n1008 That as far as I know the running gear is stock and sometimes it will spin both rear tires and sometimes only one. I was on the side of a muddy hill and floored it the truck slung...

    multi fuel engine in m1008

    I came up with the idea of putting a multi fuel diesel engine in my m1008 I don't know which one or really anything about these engines I just saw one in a old Kaiser jeep truck If anyone has done this please chime in Thanks

    what fuels can a cucv handle

    Hi everybody. I've have a 1986 m1008 with a stock power train and I was wondering what I all I could feed it without hurting anything. I will try just about anything as long as it doesn't hurt my motor. Thanks

    M1008 is it worth putting a turbo on?

    I have a 86 m1008 and I was wondering if a turbo is worth the money on these trucks. All I have done to the motor is true dual 2.5 in exhaust with no mufflers and I put a new air filter on that was the same as stock and I ran a hose from the inlet to a hole in driver side fender sort of behind...

    m1008 won't start after 2 days of 30 ish at night

    Hi Everyone this is my first post so please excuse any errors. OK so once it turned cold myvtruck wouldn't start if it sat for two days but if I started every day it was fine. It was like the batteries were dead. They are only a year old and they both are interstate crankers with about 1200...
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