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  1. Tow4

    Would you pull 5 ton with this setup??

    I see you have a compressor on the Dodge and a air hose ran to the towed vehicle. Hopefully the brakes were fully functional and you were not just using the air to release the spring brakes on the wrecker.
  2. Tow4

    CDL Requirements for 5 Tons (m934)

    The truck will typically have to be registered as an RV.
  3. Tow4

    US Air Force lettering

    I've noticed that none of the fonts matched on any of my trucks or trailer. It seemed like they used whatever they had or maybe even sourced locally. The font that everyone said to use, didn't match what was on the truck. When I got ready to paint, I wanted to match the existing font already on...
  4. Tow4

    Blue Ridge Parkway Tour

    Very cool trip! I've driven the parkway from north to south also. Beautiful weather and great pictures. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Tow4

    Class E in GA still a viable option?

    If your state requires you to take a class or program for a CDL, a lot of community colleges offer them. That is what I did because back then (2011) it cost less than the Roadways etc. I thought it was better training also. The down side is they may run it as a full time class. Look around to...
  6. Tow4

    Class E in GA still a viable option?

    I don't have the jab, and I renewed my DOT and FAA 2nd class medicals in February. To the OP, and the CDL question. As you have found in this thread, you will get a different answer from every one you talk to. What I did is consider the potential risk I may be exposed to in the event of an...
  7. Tow4

    Here We Go Again Low Voltage M1009

    Take the alternators and the picture with the B- terminal circled to a different place (or the same place) and have them tested. Show the picture to the technician so he will know where to put the ground. Or, Click Here and do it yourself. Disconnect all of the vehicle wires from the...
  8. Tow4

    Here We Go Again Low Voltage M1009

  9. Tow4

    Here We Go Again Low Voltage M1009

    Just make sure they ground the alternator to the B- terminal and not the case on an isolated ground alternator.
  10. Tow4

    Has anyone used electrolysis for rust removal?

    I used the CLR rust remover. I put a gallon or so of water in a 5 gallon bucket and added the CLR to it. Put you parts in, and in a day or two the rust is gone. If the item has heavy rust, brush it with a brass brush every couple of days and put it back in until it's clean. Vinegar works too...
  11. Tow4

    Deuce Recovery June 15-18 Augusta, GA to Austin, Texas - 1100 miles

    Stick to the interstate. Less starting and stopping, usually the most direct, and easier to get help.
  12. Tow4

    Just Received My M1078 A0

    No pictures?
  13. Tow4

    Alternator Squeal

    My belts will slip (squeal) if the engine is above idle when the glow plugs are activated for the afterglow after starting the engine. If I let the engine idle until the glow plugs stop cycling, I don't have the belt slip. To be fair, my belts are old, so I accept that. The load on the...
  14. Tow4

    Opening up the rockwells…

    Here's the way I did my M818. The process is the same for the M35. Replacing the pinion seal is not that hard. I got my seals from bigmikem35a2 on Ebay for $15.95 each. I would buy a couple because if one is bad the others are probably not far behind. I have replaced 2 on my M818. Read the TM...
  15. Tow4

    Another yard start

    My truck needs the glow plugs to cycle three times no matter what. I can crank longer and get it to start, but I like it to fire right off. Waiting the extra 10 or 15 seconds is not a problem for me. If the glow plugs aren't working, you need to find out why.
  16. Tow4

    MPG vs HP Compromise

    My M915A1 gets 5.5 to 6 mpg pulling my M373 trailer at about 60 mph. Full disclosure, I did run the A/C and that may have hurt the mileage a little. My M929 got similar mileage. It's a toy, and I don't care what the mpg is. If it was a daily driver I would. If you bought this truck and are...
  17. Tow4

    My wannabe DUKW Boat

    Looks like a party barge to me!
  18. Tow4

    Local zoning is targeting my trucks

    The sad thing is you are betting your money, and they are betting your money. If you eventually lose, you pay, if they lose, you and your neighbors pay. They don't care because nothing is going to happen to them (they are protected in their government job) and it's not their money. Their manager...
  19. Tow4

    Local zoning is targeting my trucks

    This Most if not all code enforcement actions come from an AH neighbor complaining, or a real estate agent trying to sell a house in the area. Very few of the enforcement people are wasting time riding around looking for violations. There are plenty of people calling to rat out their...
  20. Tow4

    Local zoning is targeting my trucks

    There was code referenced on the letter. Look it up and see exactly what it says.
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