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  1. WillWagner

    Ever seen a Sherman fly?

  2. WillWagner

    40 ft 5th wheel travel trailer, 91/15 area to So. El Monte

    As the title says, the museum has been gifted a 40 ft Alfa gold fifth wheel travel trailer. It is located close to the 91 and 15 freeway interchange and needs to be moved to the museum in South El Monte. It has new tires but the issue is it has a funky nine-pin plug that I've never seen and...
  3. WillWagner

    Import Paper Work

    As some of know, the Museum has decided to sell an FV603, the one here, We do have some people interested, but it occurred to me that there MIGHT need to be paper work involved, like import stuff. We have none. Do we need...
  4. WillWagner

    GPA anchors

    How does someone ID an anchor for the GPA? I have read that the two rectangle holes in the flukes are correct, but have also read that those don't matter because some were issued sans the holes. Who/what is correct? Guess I could call Brent Mullins. Lets see what happens here first though, don't...
  5. WillWagner

    M1236 Cougar?

    A place I know of, has in their posession, what I believe to be a BAE produced MRAP/Cougar H M1236. 4x4, Cat powered, very dirty. Been sitting there a while. Guess it sorta belongs to a local PD. It was towed there, non runner. I was there and they asked about it. Seems they cannot get the...
  6. WillWagner

    Starter Bendix Help

    A friend of the Museum had his jeep towed to the Museum with a no crank issue, troubleshoothin found the issue to be the starter locked up. Pulled the starter and found that the front capscrew that holds the spring to the bendix had come out and wedged itself between the bendix and housing. The...
  7. WillWagner

    Deuce Lube Order, LO 9-2320-209-12

    I've seen a bunch of threads about lubing these pigs, I have a LO and was gonna scan it and put up, but, there is one buried in the Deuce TM section. It isn't titled LO, it is on page 2 near the bottom under "Deuce TMs". I will put a link here and sticky it for ease of reference...
  8. WillWagner

    More Tracked stuff!

    The museum also owns an M114. The data plate nomenclature says T114. The t114 variant was the tank Killer, had a 106 recoilless mounted at the Commander's Coppola. There weren't too many made, I think it was experimental. This particular track has US Air Force markings. It is marked TRTG...
  9. WillWagner

    M4 Sherman fixing....sorta

    The museum has three M4 A3 E8 Sherman's. One is a runner, the other two are just display. This particular tank was a save from a gun range. It acquired while it was still on the Range but unmolested. Was pulled off the range and put on a road for pickup. Nobody told the aircraft that were using...
  10. WillWagner

    Canadian Mk l Bren Carrier parts help

    HELP!! Getting the carrier up and running is requiring some parts. FP looses prime, no adjustment on the idle circuit on the carb and the filter is full of.....stuff. Got the fuel pump part handled, Then and Now put together a nice kit, Got a carb kit on the way from The Carburetor Shop. One...
  11. WillWagner

    1941 Bren Carrier, Type 1

    Had a chance to get this gem up and running, Has some small issues with the fuel system, guess that's what happens when things sit with gas still in them!! Hopefully in a few weeks I'll take it for a spin around the compound. Working on this for a friend of the Museum, been almost 10 years since...
  12. WillWagner


    BIG shout out for his help today dragging a no brake M35A2 from Glendora to the Museum in So. El Monte. Much easier with someone familiar wit MV's. Again, if you need some help, give me a call!
  13. WillWagner

    M8 Greyhound help

    Does anybody out there have an oil pump out of the Hercules JXD out of a greyhound? The M8 at the museum has had a hard start condition since the last time it was parked. I dropped the oil pan today and found the whole inside of the engine dry. The oil pump is really funny it has 3 inlets on it...
  14. WillWagner


    The Museum has an MB that looks good, it is a mix master, has odd things installed in the wrong places, etc., but in solid shape. It is one that goes out for display at Veterans events and other places. It runs and drives nicely. Craig noticed that the steering was getting hard just before the...
  15. WillWagner

    WC9, 18 or 27

    Gotta check the S/N to see what it is. This truck has been around. The paperwork shows lots of paint and brake work. This was a back up truck for M.A.S.H. back in the 70s-80s, I think it has screen time. It was pulled from the display area last summer to give it a make over by volunteers, summer...
  16. WillWagner

    Sherman, Hellcat, Priest Wright 975-C4 Radial

    The engine above was used in the tracks listed above. The engine uses a Stromberg NA-R9G, 2 5/8 inch venturi, updraft carb. Anyone out there have a contact for parts for that carb? I am in need of an inlet strainer and some gaskets and everyone I have tried can't find anything, it s like it...
  17. WillWagner

    Vapor Locking?

    A guy I know has an AM General made A2. He took it out to the desert last weekend and after 3 or so hours of trail riding, it started to hesitate and eventually stopped running. He removed the plug on the bottom of the carb and some chunks came out, re started it, drove a bit and it started...
  18. WillWagner

    Alvis-Saracen FV603

    Craig has one of these. I believe it is a MK1 because it has the 3 doors on the turret. It has been sitting in the same spot that it was driven into since the early 90's. From what I understand, this came from a guy that had it at someones shop for a fuel system issue. I can tell you that the...
  19. WillWagner

    Canadian 15CWT

    For all you Canadian vehicle guys, Had a chance to work on and drive a 12 May, 1942 made 15CWT truck. It had been in the back 40 for years. Drug it to the shop, checked fluids, surprisingly, the brakes WORKED and the fluid was clean and clear as well as a great pedal! Put a battery in it...
  20. WillWagner

    M915, 916 TMs in hard copy

    Just a feeler, but, how many would be interested in hard copy TMs for the 915 and 916 trucks?
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