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  1. whyme

    Failed recovery from drum, truck dead in rochester

    skip to the end if you dont wanna read about the whole trip i was pushed into recovering my m105 yesterday as GL would not allow an extension. recent mechanical and ongoing financial issues had forced me to push it back this far but i did my pre trip inspection and off i went. top has been...
  2. whyme

    ATTN: Armarillo Texas!! Oct. 12-16

    this is a rather special request im making for a new friend of mine, his name is Joe Battaglia and he is a former member of the 26th Engineer Bn who served in Vietnam starting in 1969. i met him by chance and after seeing his photos and listening to his stories ive grown fond of the man. last...
  3. whyme

    M105 from Drum towards WNY

    if necessary ill make the entire trip but i was looking to see if i could same some of the drive as my truck isnt in remarkable condition at the moment. anyone that can get it any closer is much help. euc submitted to BC so pickup in the next 1-3 weeks is my guess. thanks, Dan
  4. whyme

    gen fried out on me. my options

    so my gen smoked out on me a few days ago, i dont have the finances to do anything about it for a few weeks but when i do i have a few options. already tried to adjust it... used/new old stock gen (used could die a mile after i get it on) have mine rebuilt (might be cost prohibitive) upgrade...
  5. whyme

    did i do bad?

    im posting in alt fuels because honestly im just being optimistic my problem is personal stupidity and not mechanical malfunction. background: ive been running diesel and occasionally strait gas (usually had some diesel in the tank so i want worried and don't do it that often), when i find it...
  6. whyme

    types of jerry cans, mine look strange.

    i was given a Jerry can a few months back and never really thought much about it once i put it on the truck, after a while i began to take notice of Jerry cans in the pictures around here and i noticed mine is different than any Ive seen before. mine is a steel jerry can and fits in the holder...
  7. whyme

    How to Use/beat use the search function

    How to Use/best use the search function After reading all the issues relating to the use, misuse, and lack of use as well as my personal experiences with the "search" I thought I'd start a thread to offer tips and advice to users, new and old alike. I like many have been frustrated with the...
  8. whyme

    spindle bushings

    well saturn sent me spindle bushings instead of king pin bushings so has ayone done these before? they are a little warn so might as well but i havent seen any info on it and still cant get the TM's (little frustrated, maybe time to buy them) just wondering if anyone has pointers, yes it needs...
  9. whyme

    Bondo Deuce, topless Deuce, bob time

    Been up to quite a bit on the truck lately, among the many projects Has been to get the truck preped for fresh paint, unfortunately it looks like it's going to be far more involved than I had anticipated. The rot is more extensive than can be seen until I started using the wire wheel to get the...
  10. whyme

    need a quick answer, 10k input seal replacment

    still cant get into the TM section and the searches didnt yeild me anything except a small exploded diagram with no information except on the seals themselves. just removed and replaced the input shaft seal on my garwood 10K and im at a dilema. the aluminum plate that the seal is pressed into...
  11. whyme

    rusted surface prep.

    well its getting warm so its about time to paint up the deuce, thanks to my dad for purchasing a case of rapco for a jeep project of ours, i should have enough 383 green and black to do the job and ill order brown once i get some cash. anyway my dilemma is that some areas of my truck have...
  12. whyme

    Air in injector return lines and rough idle?

    I've been challenged by a hard start issue over the winter and attributed it to a fuel leak at the injector pump head and old filters. Now it's warm and ice changed the filters and fixed the leak but I'm still having issues. It will start most of the time above 50 degrees without a problem but...
  13. whyme

    understanding "mutilation required"

    obviously im a bit limited in how i can pose this while remaining within guidelines but ill try. in the past i have come across many lot listings that required mutilation, most have been a mix of various scrap material with the occasional item of interest thrown into the mix or large items that...
  14. whyme

    Started fabricating a hitch for the truck

    Stuck home tonight and was kinda bored so I went outside to play. All of the steel used was scraps I acquired from a few local shops. I found a 1 5/8 receiver from an old truck of ours in the garage. Total cost $0.00!! It's not done yet because I ran out of mig wire but I made good progress. I...
  15. whyme

    show your aux light setups

    planning an auxiliary light setup on the deuce, a combination of fog, driving, long range, and flood lights. im looking for ideas so lets see what people have done so far. oh and i will be adding a 12 volt to support these
  16. whyme

    vaccume lock in MC???

    been doing some PM on the truck since i finally got my fuel problems sorted. have had a soft petal for a little while, brakes worked fine just didn't engage till about touching the floor, it had been fine last fall and seemed to drop rather quickly (noticed it over a period of a two weeks of...
  17. whyme

    Please advise! Fuel filter replacement.

    I know this is gonna be tough given I can't get pics up but here it goes: I just removed the secondary fuel filter and just as I went to replace it with a new one I noticed a potential problem. The filter that I have appears to be an older NOS filter with a perforated metal skin surrounding the...
  18. whyme

    fuel leak at head, making fuel economy even worse

    well Ive had a fuel leak at or around the head that has finally crippled the truck. at first the leak started as an annoyance and could possibly be the culprit behind my hard start issues but more recently i was using it to move myself out of my apartment (and for a number of reasons i had short...
  19. whyme

    what is this?

    looks like a small CO2 cylinder on a bracket. first thought was spare for some type of fire extinguisher but the bracket is kinda strange too. what is it for?
  20. whyme

    turn signal/flssher problem

    ive done some reading and found a few suggestions but i cant access the TM section (at work) and am looking for a quick answer so i can possibly resolve this. the problem is i noticed today i have no hazards or turn signals. i read to check ground ect and i will when i get home but the truck is...
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