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  1. rtk

    Need info on air base trailer

    Picked this up at a estate sale , appears to be off Dover AFB ,data plates are missing . It was in a farm field and they were going to scrap it , so the price was right . If anyone could identify it or maybe a TM that would be great . Other than the deck wood there is very little rust on the...
  2. rtk

    Need 1031 moved from UP Michigan to Buffalo NY

    I have a M1031 Maintenance truck that needs to be moved from the Chassell Michigan 49916 to Lockport NY 14094 . Truck runs and drives , no issues , it is in storage for the winter . but can be moved anytime . My email is . home phone 716 433 0614 . I am very flexible...
  3. rtk

    Military Vehicle Show and CruiseThr

    VFW Post 7275 Military Vehicle Show and Cruise The Renegades of WNY in cooperation with VFW Post 7275 will be holding a military vehicle show and cruise on Sat.August 26th and Sun.Aug 27th , 2017 located at the Lt.Col. Matt Urban VFW post 7275 , 3741 Walden Ave. Lancaster NY 14086 .Walden...
  4. rtk

    Winch from Buffalo to New Jersey

    I have a 24 volt electric winch that has found a NEW home in NJ . I am located in Buffalo off IS90 , can meet on the highway for dropoff , weighs about 125LBS . Someone going to NYC would work also , thanks in advance , Bob K
  5. rtk

    WWII Arc Light searchlight info needed

    A buddy and myself are in the process of restoring a WWII Arc Light . We are at the stage where we have the Genset running and are getting ready to power up the Arc Light . We are looking for ANY info/TM's on these old lights . They are a pretty sophisticated setup and LARGE !! The light is...
  6. rtk

    Thunder over Niagara

    Just got a request for MV's for the " Thunder Over Niagara" Air Show at the NFAFB being held on 17-18-19 July of 2015 . We are supposed to meet with the Base Commander in the next few weeks for details . We are trying to get use of a Hanger for our MV's display ,and a way to get on base early...
  7. rtk

    Check Your Belts !

    So in the process of of taking the A3 out of winter hibernation , I notice a REALLY loud noise coming from the front of the engine , I am thinking water pump , alternator , idler pulley ? So I start by taking off the serpentine belt and find the belt SPLIT down the middle I can't believe that...
  8. rtk

    PulseTech battery analyzer manual info

    Picked up a PulseTech MdX-490PT battery analyzer from GL and I am looking for a operating manual or any info on operating the unit . The battery service kit I picked up is brand new , never been used , only needed new batteries in the analyzer , but did not come with any paperwork . No wonder...
  9. rtk

    convoy lights

    I picked up a set of convoy lights for my Deuce and I have the TM's and info from this forum , and the only thing I am still need some help with is what size clamps will work with the mounting plates behind the cab and what bolt holes to use . I picked up some 3/8' X 2" U bolts from...
  10. rtk

    M274 Mule to western NY

    Looking get my Mule from North West Alabama ( Florence Area) to Buffalo NY . Time frame is open , but would like to get it before this winter sets in . I can meet transporter on the road if need be . PM me and I can fill in details . bob k
  11. rtk

    Wire gauge

    I picked up some slave ends for a jumper set , and what I am trying to find out is what gauge wire is used on the jumpers sets . I would like to use Welding cable if possible as it is more flexible . it seems either # 1 or 2 , or maybe 0 . Also what is the typical length of a set , as the sets...
  12. rtk

    TM for convoy lights

    Just picked up some convoy lights and I am trying to find a TM on the parts and installation on my Deuce . I think I have everything , even have the cables . I have a nice set of strobes for the poles , should work out good .:?
  13. rtk

    Marine Appreciation Day 7/13/2013 North Tonawanda NY

    These were taken today at Marine Appreciation Day at Fishermen's Park in NT, New York . The MV's are from the Empire State West group . The D7 dozer is a tribute to the Seabees' . We had a GOOD showing , 10 MV's , NO FLAME OUT's and nice weather , Good time was had by all . The Marines really...
  14. rtk

    Marine Appreciation Day 7/13/2013 North Tonawanda NY

    Empire State West will hold a rally and MV display on 7/13/2013 at Raymond Kilmek Veterans Park( Fisherman's Park) on River Road in the city of North Tonawanda . The event is Marine Appreciation Day . We be in the area next to the parking lot .
  15. rtk

    M37 Red Bumper

    I picked up a 1953 M37 , originally a AF STRATA BLUE MV . Some time in it's life it was painted OD . I am in the process of preping for a paint job , BLUE or OD , What do you think ? I noticed the front bumper was painted RED , what was the purpose of the red bumper if anyone knows . I can't...
  16. rtk

    LU-4 winch seals numbers

    Does anyone have seal numbers for the seals on the worm shaft ? I am in the procress of checking and overhauling my winch and need some seals . The gears and bushings look almost new , very little wear , freed up the declutching shaft , a few gaskets and seals and I should be in good shape ...
  17. rtk

    new 35A3 owner FYI

    Just took delivery of a M35A3 . Purchased form Jeff @ Motorsource inc. outside Chicago . I picked up a real nice Arizona MV , no rust ,and a very complete vehicle , even came with the operators manual . Very nice people to deal with . They even hooked me up with a great truck hauler , no...
  18. rtk

    rmi size for 101A2 trailer

    I am looking for a spare tire and wheel for my 101A2 trailer . What 8 lug wheel fits these trailer , they appear to be just your basic 8 lug steel wheel . I plan on going the Pic a Part route , just trying to nail down what to look for :-D
  19. rtk

    m101A2 flexible brake hose

    Does anyone have a crossover # for the brake flex hose over the axle ? I am in the process of overhauling the brake system and could use a new hose . I have the standard Kasel trailer , thanks Bob K8-)
  20. rtk

    M35A2 or A3 ?

    I am new to the forum and I am looking for some advice . I am currently finishing up restoration of my 1953 M37 W/W and after having been bitten by the OD BUG , I am looking for my next project . My question is what is the better MV to purchase , a M35A2 or A3 ? I have been looking at the pulses...
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