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  1. jasonjc

    M35A2 project

    Well I started out to put a transmission back in my truck............................... As I was working on that I noticed that I had some rust spots on the front fenders. So with it in the shop it seemed to be a good time to take them off to fix that. Now that the fenders were off it made...
  2. jasonjc

    Sprag clutch assembly

    Does any one know how to get the spring back in the sprag clutch?? I got it in once but it popped out again as I was trying to put it back on the shaft.
  3. jasonjc

    clutch replace or not???

    I'm getting ready to put the transmission back in my truck after 10 or 15 years. I pulled the pressure plate and clutch to make sure it was not rusted up too bad. No rust issues but the clutch is down to 0.39" the "TM" says (yes I read the TM) to throw away at 0.35". So how long will it take to...
  4. jasonjc

    what is the shelf life of paint?

    I've got a bunch of Gillespie paint but I've had for years:unsure: (when was the MVPA convention in Little Rock?). The cans are sealed and when I move them yesterday they seemed to still be liquid. I just was wondering if it is still good or did I waste a bunch of money?
  5. jasonjc

    can't log on at home

    I can't log on at home with At&t but I can at work or I can take the lap top to mom's and log on there no problem.I'm assuming I'm blocked. I need the "technical term" to tell the at&t to fix it.
  6. jasonjc

    M151 Value???

    I just found a M151?. Not sure I'm not a jeep/MUTT guy , but it IS a m151 don't a from a1. It's ruff no eng trans but does have front and read axles (well you know what I mean). I do have a pic I'll load later. What are they going for???
  7. jasonjc

    TM's for the M530B Class 530B Fire Trucks

    Here are the TM for the M530B fire trucks.
  8. jasonjc

    2016 KAMO Buy Sell Trade

    Well lets get the ball rolling on this!!!!! I've got: Med Tow bars $100 Litters $20-30 used,nos ,canvas, black nylon Litter back rest Full crates of litters NOS (6ea) $100 Deuce #2(?) fuel lines $30 MKT sides/screens $40-$100 Sliver bunker gear pants and coat set $250 Mritemit (sp) cans...
  9. jasonjc

    2016 KAMO Rally Sep30-Oct2

    So who's all coming this year????????? The dates are Friday Sep 30- Sunday Oct 2.
  10. jasonjc

    What have you done to your MKT this week???

    Well I've seen these threads for every thing else. So I'm starting this for the MKT crowd.
  11. jasonjc

    New to me MKT-90

    Well I just picked up my new to me MKT-90. Seems to be in much better shape than my MKT-75. The 75's frame is rusting thought and has a lot of cracked welds on the aluminum part. If it was on the steel , I could fix those welds that easy. Now for GP bidders , if it's about to close with no bid...
  12. jasonjc

    Tpying and semliys not working right.

    It seems about half the time now when I type the letter or spaces or what ever don't work. I have too hold down the key I'm trying to use. I can't use smiley faces either. When it's not typing right I get the red line under the letters right a way.
  13. jasonjc

    Hot and cold water buffalo

    Well, this has been a good month for my M149A2. I got an immersion heater for hot water. And now I just scored a water chiller for cold water.
  14. jasonjc

    OKC pick up

    Any one going to OKC next week???? Seems everyone else can get off, BUT I have to cover for them:mad:, and can't take off. I need 4 things pickup ,3 MBU's and an immersion heater.
  15. jasonjc

    Looking for info/TM #

    I got a; Tank Lightweight , Collapsible , Pillow , 160 gal NSN 5430-01-378-1739 I know they were for use by light infantry battalions and were to be transported in HMMWV or 3/4 ton trailer or bigger. I'd like to find the TM for this.
  16. jasonjc

    Trailer safety!!!!

    With all the post about what mite happen , killing the min van full of kid's. It seems a lot think those thing can never happen or wont happen to them. Well I'd bet this guy on the way to the house or lake didn't think he was going to KILL a 21yr girl on a bike. BUT HE DID!!!!! If you look...
  17. jasonjc

    Good thing for hard tops!

    A friend came over yesterday to cut down some dead trees for fire wood. Well one fell the wrong way and got stuck in another tree. No big deal hook a strap to the bottom and give a little pull right. You would think. Murphy most have been in NWA yesterday. Hooked up the M809 to the bottom of the...
  18. jasonjc

    M548 TM's

    Here's all the TM's for the M548's
  19. jasonjc

    2015 KAMO buy sell trade thread. This weekend!!

    Here the 2015 KAMO buy sell trade thread. List your for sale goodies. List the goodies you want/need.
  20. jasonjc

    Another M129A2 saved from the scraper

    Well I brought home another one yesterday:roll:. What was I thinking, Won it last week from GP out of Ft Riley. Now what to do with it, I plan on using it for camping at the KAMO Rally. I'm just not sure what to do about the inside. All the wiring is toast on the inside, even for the out side...
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