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  1. Mark2X2

    Inverter/Charger for Camper Conversions, Marine or Home

    I bought this inverter charger a while a go for back up power to my outdoor hot air wood stove. It also would work for campers or marine applications. It is rated for 3000 watt cont 6000 watt peak. If you are plugged into shore power or a generator it...
  2. Mark2X2

    Storage / Parking

    DeucesWild11, There was a guy bringing containers up here from Chicago, he would put two small containers in a large closed top. It seems like the 40' would have a larger door than the one you found. Thanks for looking it up, guess I should have. Here is a link to what I found...
  3. Mark2X2

    Storage / Parking

    Does or has anyone ever parked there Deuce in a 40' shipping container? Any idea how big the opening is? Don't have a problem with taking the stack and roof off once a year.... but be great if I didn't have too. Been thinking about reasonably priced inside winter storage for my Deuce and boat...
  4. Mark2X2

    What are M101A3 Trailer HMMWV Tires Worth?

    I have an chance to buy a M101A3 with the HMMWV tires. I have no use for those big fat buggers, I have some pick up style tires and rims I will use so I can carry a spare on the trailer. Anyone have an idea of the going rate on 2 complete tires and rims with at least 3/4 of the tread left...
  5. Mark2X2

    Hydraulic motor: What is it off of?? It's certainly mil surplus.

    JH1, It is a hydraulic motor, the steel line off the back is the case drain.
  6. Mark2X2

    Alaskan Camper M101a2 Trailer Project Build

    That's a nice camper, got any interior pictures?
  7. Mark2X2

    anyone set up a former military trailer for hauling kayaks???

    You best bet would be to get a M101 rather than the M105, the M105 is for the Deuce. The m105 is a hand full for a pick up, I towed mine 5 miles home after unloading of my semi and it looked funny behind a pick up...
  8. Mark2X2

    M101 Dump Bed

    I agree with you, they can but shouldn't, but with out a few mods they could. I have a nice hydraulic hand pump, reservoir and cylinder I'm going to install for a controlled dump on my M101. The biggest problem I see with trailers dumping in this post is dumping over the tailgate. I have hauled...
  9. Mark2X2

    M916 Replacement Transmissions

    I have driven M916 & M920's, I own 3) civilian tractors I know what I'm looking at. It is a clutch pedal and shift lever. PM sent also you look at it
  10. Mark2X2

    M916 Replacement Transmissions

    Just curious, I see a listing for a M916, it says it has a 9 speed transmission, shows a shift lever and clutch pedal. I have driven quite a few in active duty and reserves, all had the Cat 16 speed. Is this a replacement transmission or did Uncle Sam have them with 9 speeds. Can't post it or I...
  11. Mark2X2

    JATONKA's winter project: M35 dump/plow truck

    Surfdog, Do you have power steering, or do you have Super Hero strength?
  12. Mark2X2

    Who Has a Junk Lift Pump They Will Give Me?

    A)The $50 pump off e-bay will take some retro fitting also, it looks similar to a small sump pump. B)I have a nice a 28vdc, 19gph, 4-6 psi fuel pump that I can get cheap. What I want to do is take apart a stock pump that dose not work, and add this pump. Similar to the $140 pump on e-bay...
  13. Mark2X2

    Who Has a Junk Lift Pump They Will Give Me?

    I'm doing a little R&D with a Duece in tank lift pump. Mine is buried in the snow now and I hate to open up the tank. If someone has a junk lift pump they could send me, I would pay the shipping and a little for your trouble. Then I could have the pump assembly I'm building ready to bolt in for...
  14. Mark2X2

    Lift Pump GPH

    frank8003, Could not open your link.
  15. Mark2X2

    Lift Pump GPH

    Anybody have any idea the gallons per hour rating and pressure rating on the lift pump for the LDT-465 multi fuel engine? I have a possibly substitute lift pump that is rated at 19 GPH and 4-6 PSI and is 28 VDC Thanks,
  16. Mark2X2

    your camping trailer loadout recommendations

    In my civy rig for family camping with the boys and wife. I use a 20lb propane tank with a Distribution Post. Cabela's: Mr. Heater Compact Propane Accessories I run a two burner stove and table top grill and the lantern on top. Keeps the smell and heat out of the travel trailer. I always take...
  17. Mark2X2

    Show us your Military Trailers

    Really like what you did with your 105, I have a 101 but you can't put a 4'x8' sheet of any thing between the wheel wells. You pulling with a 5.3 or 6.0 in you Chev? If you ever get a chance to pull it across a scale, would be interesting to see how close you are on your weight guess. Thanks,
  18. Mark2X2

    Any Regrets Bobbing Your Deuce?

    To Bob or Not to Bob? Thanks everyone for your responses! I think I made up my mind to keep my Deuce a tandem for a while yet. But going to do these mods. I keep thinking about a bob job, but the truck will still weigh #10,500. Kind of a heavy truck, not really good for "Treading Lite" So I...
  19. Mark2X2

    Bigler Boyz Crew Cab M35A2

    Really nice job on the truck! Dose the spray bed liner deaden the drive line noise much? They did some stuff on "Myth Busters" the other night, pretty amazing stuff. Should eliminate the rusting floor boards, way better than a rubber mat. Again, real nice work.
  20. Mark2X2

    Any Regrets Bobbing Your Deuce?

    Joshua, Really like your single axle Deuce, best of both worlds. Just wondering how the braking is? I've read in differn't threads a bobbed deuce is about 10,500 and stock is 13,300. So I'm guessing your at about 11,500 dropping an axle, and six smaller tires and rims, but then you come back...
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