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  1. 5tonman1971

    The scare is over?

    I heard the scare is over and we can start buying 5 tons and what not again? Is this true?
  2. 5tonman1971

    What happened?

    I get another flare up for a month in the hospital and come back and my life is over?!?!? Where are all my trucks?!?!?
  3. 5tonman1971

    Fuel pick up tube

    Ok so I had my primary fuel filters go under a vacuum again so this time I tried pulling my pickup tube uot to see if it was clogged and of coarse it wasent so now I'm very confused but this is not my problem while I was taking out the pick up tube my buddy slipped the wrench on the 90 degree...
  4. 5tonman1971

    Sellers blues :(

    So today I sold my m813a1 the truck that started it all :( old oscar did atleast go out with a bang at 12,500$ but he was my first green child, I just stood there as the new owner pulled outta the yard heading easy to PA. Then later in the day I sold my m923a2 not so attached to this one and...
  5. 5tonman1971

    Rpm adjustment?

    Ok so my 925a2 will only hit 2000 rpm even when I manually move the fuel lever on the IP. I know that they are governed but I dont know where that is at. Could there just be a weak spring in the governer?
  6. 5tonman1971

    925a2 not shifting past 3rd

    My 925a2 will not shift by its self past 3rd gear. I have to let off the throttle to get it to shift past 3rd gear. When I finally get it in to 5th it won't go over 45 mph and no it's not in 6 wheel drive. My rpms never seem to go over 2k but I know it should go to 2200 rpm. The fluid seems to...
  7. 5tonman1971

    No fuel suction

    Ok so I've been trying to figure this out and I'm finally throwing up the white flag and asking for help. My 925a2 was running fine it sat for 3-4 weeks and lost it's prime I've replaced all the rubber fuel lines already. so I tried to prime it back up over the weekend and boom it fired right...
  8. 5tonman1971

    Ohio to PA and back

    I'll be going to delta PA this weekend to drop off some f550 axles and coming back with a m939 hood. If anyone needs anything picked up in PA and brought back to Ohio OR brought to PA please let me know I'll have a 18' car hauler on the back if my 1-ton cummins, just let me know I'll be able...
  9. 5tonman1971

    All m939a2 filters that you will need

    Here is a quick, clear post on all the filters with pictures all in one post, I figured I would make one for you guys and hopefully it helps. ATTENTION ALL NEW M939a2 OWNERS: these are all the filters you SHOULD replace as soon as you get your truck! Especially the air dryer rebuild kit, even...
  10. 5tonman1971

    8.3l ether port

    It seems that my either port on my engine has broken off. Not that need it now that the weather is turning around with today being a beautiful 75 degree day. But where would one go to get a new one? Would that be a cummins dealer part? I'm thinking it might be a dealer part. Has as anyone ran...
  11. 5tonman1971

    Stuck in 6 wheel drive?

    Ok guys I've got a good one for your brains! On my m813a1 I've been battling my front axle engagement for awhile now and I am about to give up. I have rebuilt the shuttle valve, I have rebuilt the piston on the transfer case. Everything seems to be working, with the truck fully aired up and...
  12. 5tonman1971

    M939 pto questions

    Ok so I serviced my m925a2 this weekend, i rebuilt the air dryer replaced the rubber fuel line from the tank hard line to the canister fuel filter that never got removed which I will be replacing with a fleet guard spin on filter. changed the oil and filters changed trans filter but not fluid...
  13. 5tonman1971

    Spin on fuel filter

    Hey guys I'm trying to track down a spin on fuel filter kit for my m925a2 it has the huge frame rail canister filter and I'd like to put on the spin on filter does anyone know where to get them?
  14. 5tonman1971

    Mixing batteries? Mil & civi

    Ok so I just got my m925a2 from Delaware last Monday and this weekend I'm going through it servicing it and doing repairs so far my, no start, no rust, 2800$, winch truck is turning out to be a great buy. The no start issue was cause they ran it COMPLETELY out of fuel, like no fuel in the...
  15. 5tonman1971

    New Castle Delaware preview needed

    Is there anyone that could preview a truck for me at the new castle lot? It would be greatly appreciated! I would like to know what's on the truck and what's not on the truck before the shipping company gets to it. Please pm me or leave a comment if you can! Much thanks!
  16. 5tonman1971

    Rear wire harness/stuck in 6 wheel drive

    Ok so I'm having a few problems with my tail lights, first one is, I had a nice set of grote led tail lights and I flipped everything to black out to make sure everything was working and all of a sudden the driver side rear tail light started rolling white smoke. This was not what I wanted to...
  17. 5tonman1971

    What is this? I really want one

    What is this piece of awesome? Cargo truck with a crane!! How perfect!
  18. 5tonman1971

    TM -20 help

    Well my 813a1 keeps getting stuck in 6 wheel drive sometimes it will engage and then will not disengage and there is no air being released when I shift in to reverse. I'm looking they the -20 but can not find the sprag or front axle endgame by section can someone please direct me to the right...
  19. 5tonman1971

    M816 with m932a2 cab?

    Ok guys so I have been thinking about this for awhile now, my buddy has a m816 well he has a few of them but one is pretty garbage from the cab forward. He really wants my m923 so we are considering a trade for the wrecker. So instead of finding an 800 series donor we have been talking about...
  20. 5tonman1971

    Pictures of the m923 dash and ctis box area

    So the m923a2 I just got seems to have the ctis main cable disconnected and pulled out from under the dash and is on the passenger floor. I won't know till Monday the full extent of the hack job. But im looking for pictures of how the ctis main cable is routed and what not and pictures around...
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