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  1. J

    MRAP Lighting on M925A2

    BTW- This post is going to help a lot of folks!!!
  2. J

    MRAP Lighting on M925A2

    Thanks so much. I will give it a whirl. If you ever need anything here in Houston let me know. Also, I spend a lot of time in Jackson, Wy and let me know if you are ever up that way. We will go find a fishing hole!!
  3. J

    MRAP Lighting on M925A2

    Duster, Your install looks great for the Eyecon lights! Can you modify the BO harness cable to provide energy to the bus in the VIB or do you need to modify the inside of the VIB? Is the a simple process or do you know where I can get the instructions to do that modification. I am installing...
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