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    Front leaf them? Buy newer? Buy NOS?

    That's the first I've heard of it. Thanks guys, Bjorn, et al. I'll check into it. If it does work out, this'll save a ton of money. Since I'm thinking of eventually putting a plow onto it, I'd probably keep the extra leaves in, too. It's a winch truck, so it's already got a few hundred pounds...
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    Front leaf them? Buy newer? Buy NOS?

    Yeah, I'll give Norm a try, but I don't think he's going to have them. Barstow truck parts is, and always will be, on my **** list, and I'll never deal with those bozos again. There might be some in Az - I've got to call someone tomorrow on it. After I rebuild that M-37 PTO that's sitting on...
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    Front leaf them? Buy newer? Buy NOS?

    Well, my sagging leafs are finally going to get dealt with this summer. They're getting close to being a reverse arch, ala K-5 Blazers, etc. Not a good thing. I've called National, and they quoted $700 to remove, and rebuild both spring packs - re-arch, add two new leafs, replace all...
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