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    M931 oil pressure

    Just noticed the other day the fuel gauge is pegged full as well on either tank. Unplugged sending unit and tapped on tanks with dead blow and nothing changed
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    conversion of 4 batteries to 2?

    I'll sell the one that doesn't have a top lol. Has maybe 25k miles and only thing besides the top missing is it needs rear axle seals. Make offer it has winch with the tensioner etc on it
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    m936a2 PTO?

    My 936 doesn't have any of that. Not that I'm aware of since it has never auto idled up.
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    Steerable Trailers?

    I had to make new pins on the lathe just for that purpose and you're right they're fine going forward but not so easy to back up.
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    5" exhaust stack

    We use it a lot in our street rod,muscle car builds. I can promise you that it works. I have it in a 63 falcon and it has a.c. and before the lizardskin was sprayed inside and underside it worked ok or so so. After spraying it on just 3-5 mins of a.c. running it will frost the Windows up in...
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    5" exhaust stack

    hushmat is much cheaper than dynamat. I used a product called lizardskin spray on sound dampener. It reduced interior temps by at least 15° and cuts down on a lot of the racket. I too installed a 5" straight stack and should've went to a 60" to get the sound above the cab. Its annoying loud...
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    Steel Soldiers giveaway sponsored by

    I could definitely use some more batteries lol.
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    Fairly newbie from TN

    Fairly new here from middle TN. 2 m936s and 1 m931 and too many parts etc. Thanks for letting me join.
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    Split Rim Safety

    Budd wheels
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    Sounds like myself making a small acetylene bomb in a 100,000 sq ft shop. Myself and 5 other coworkers figured with the size of it it won't be loud at all. Boy were we wrong. All 7 supervisors from different machine departments were having their 9am daily meeting in the front office, mind you...
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    M931 brakes stuck like chuck.

    Wouldn't budge though I tried that too. Only way I could get it unstuck was take the wheels off and give it a few good slams.
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    M931 brakes stuck like chuck.

    Wow what a pita. Ended up having to remove both wheels to get brake unstuck. Thankfully I had a 1" impact and budd socket lol. Once I got the wheels off gave it 4 good slams with the sledge and voila it broke loose. Now time to change fuel filter it feels as if its no bueno anymore. Thanks for...
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    Nhc 250 filters

    Since some jackwagon decided it was a good idea to paint over the fuel filter I have no idea what the part number is. Since its been sitting I'd like to change it out. I added some klotz 2 stroke oil to the tanks since this ulsd doesnt have the correct formula for these older engines. And added...
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    M931 brakes stuck like chuck.

    I stuck a chain thru the wheel that's stuck and will try to hold it or pull it loose with my 4wd 🐱420 backhoe lol.
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    M931 brakes stuck like chuck.

    Dual tandem m931
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    M931 brakes stuck like chuck.

    I beat the shit out of the wheel with a maul to no avail with it running in neutral with brakes released. Finally got Pissed off slammed it in gear and drug the sob 50 feet across wet gravel mostly mud now lol.
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    M931 brakes stuck like chuck.

    Ok got the new group 31 batteries(2) wired up and got the engine fired with some helping of diesel crack aka ether. Tried moving it and the left rear drive axle is froze up. Tried rocking it back and forth and beating on wheel with 4 lb maul to no avail. The other wheels roll freely even caged...
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    M931 oil pressure

    The truck has roughly 3k miles on it and has done this since it had roughly 800 miles. As soon as you turn battery switch on and then ignition switch the oil pressure gauge is pegged out. Ive unhooked the sending unit and its still pegged. Some days it will act normal but I'm thinking its stuck...
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    conversion of 4 batteries to 2?

    I have probably 25 solargizer units lol. Old man has a 28' trailer full of govliq stuff and more in another building. Towbars, injector pumps, pallet of turbos, Detroit 8v92t engine in crate that's never been fired up etc etc. I need to get rid of 90% of it. As long as I can get almost what he...
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    conversion of 4 batteries to 2?

    Ended up getting 4 group 31 batteries for $85 each. 1150 cranking amps and 975 cca. Since TN only gets cold 2-3 months max and I dont plan on driving either of them when its below 32° lol.
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