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  1. mcmullag

    Put two multifuels into a warehouse and watch them multiply!

    I met a guy at a car show here a few years ago who worked on the M35a3 program, ESP, in Indiana plant, early 90's?. Like someone stated on the other link, those engines were prolly the old take outs and the new Cats 3115 were then put in. I think the guy said they used on average 3 old deuces...
  2. mcmullag

    M939 Oil Change, Best Oil, Tips and Tricks

    I ran shell rotella 15w-40 in mine, have owned 2 of them, and added some Lucas for the heck of it. Mine were only used for parades and shows, really babied them.
  3. mcmullag

    Bought me a M923A2 Today!!!

    I have owned 2 of them in the past, if I run into xtra money I might get another one just to look at in the driveway. Hope you have no troubles with the truck, I had no major problems, did have to replace an alternator on one.
  4. mcmullag

    M939 Transfer case

    Let us know your results, like said above, truck off, drain all air, then try it.
  5. mcmullag

    M923A2 in Germany

    See if the CTIS lites on the control thing in cab has one solid HWY lite on. Many times you have 4 or 5 lites flashing if the CTIS system has air leaks. Another thing is, can you switch the transfer case into low range and back into high range with the lever in the cab. Test drive and look at...
  6. mcmullag

    Fort Riley Iron/GovPlanet crew

    Helped a friend pick up a 5 ton there aug 2015, guy helping us was very nice and helpful, probably Brian.
  7. mcmullag

    New in Colorado

    people in the club may be able to help you meet up with the people or things you need. Military Vehicle Collectors of CO
  8. mcmullag

    Colorado LMTV Owner

    More than one is in our club. MVCC ..... military vehicle collectors of Colorado, check our site for contact info I do not have one.
  9. mcmullag

    m939 A2.. if you could do everything possible ...

    I have owned two of them and would like to get another one. Yes, slow off line but then you get going pretty good and catch up with the same cars at the next light. Can run 65 on interstate, good enuf for me. My jeep rubicon with 35 inch tires does not keep up with rush hour traffic either...
  10. mcmullag

    New guy checking in with M923A2

    Welcome and thank you for your service. I owned two of them and hope to get another one. Did a lot of parades and displays. Folks love the big trucks.
  11. mcmullag

    High altitudes for 923 a2

    Three summers ago, I picked up a M923a2 from Nellis AFB next to las vegas. Drove it straight back with help of friend 17 hrs non stop to Colorado Springs via UT and over hwy 70 across CO. No problem. we went thru the Eisenhower tunnel at 11,000 ft at 2 in the morning. The days were over 100...
  12. mcmullag

    New from Oregon

    Welcome. I would guess to just do google searches and searches on here with key words from your questions or the whole question.
  13. mcmullag

    Might be moving

    10 years ago, I moved from the Midwest to out here. I did research by going to the police dept site and there was actually maps with dots of where the crimes were happening. Figured to stay away from SE quarter of the city. Also talked to an apartment rental office person and off the record...
  14. mcmullag

    My new 1951 M38 project

    ...and you may want to check with the folks on these military jeep sites: They may get really excited about that artic kit. Thanks for posting the pics.
  15. mcmullag

    Auction date changes, MK48 and Hemtt recall

    "Do not pay my avatar any attention it a fake lol." very good...or it is a well staged picture of your 1/8 rc model. : )
  16. mcmullag

    Are you mad that the gov is selling HMMWVs?

    "How is this HMMWV thing any different than the ones who bought the first M939's or hemmits , now that they coming out in big numbers. You pay to be first." Yuppers. That's what I was thinking too. Here I go with another analogy: House and rent prices are up here and houses sell really...
  17. mcmullag

    Are you mad that the gov is selling HMMWVs?

    Registration varies by state and I believe the govplanet site states something about vehicle is issued with off road title or off road use only. An analogy may be that a site would bar discussions about how to avoid taxes or where it is a good place to speed without getting caught......
  18. mcmullag

    In a quandry....Go custom 923A2 or Nice shape HEMTT.....

    Somebody chime in here that knows more about the HEMTT than I do....a M923a2 with the 8.3 L can get 8 or 9 mpg while the HEMTT gets about 4 mpg. Just one item to consider. I have owned two 923a2 and would gladly get another one so I would go with one of those, like you said, more maneuverable...
  19. mcmullag

    thinking of buying second mv

    What are you going to use it for? I just always owned one at a time and used them for parades and displays. Wil Rodgers said; The best way to double your money is to fold it in half and put it in your pocket. Read Dave Ramsey's 7 baby steps.. stuff to think about...
  20. mcmullag

    Kansas readiness placards

    I had a M923a2 with the KS sustainment tag/thingy on it. It was a good truck, looked like it had a lot of new stuff on it and had been thoroughly gone thru.
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