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  1. Bob H

    MI M36A2 W/Winch

    1973 Contract AM General M36A2 W/Winch, Quite rare with the winch. Refurbished in 1993 then Michigan National Guard until 2009 when I bought it. White Multi-Fuel LDT465 1-C with D Turbo, Manifold heater cold start Showing 29,600 miles & 1744 Hours Air Shift T Case Heater Hard Top Spring ride...
  2. Bob H

    Trying to help a guy out

    Had a guy from Texas ask me about selling him one of my extra M880 series engines as his block cracked. While I'm willing to sell him one cheap, freight from Michigan is likely gonna be pricey. I posted a "Wanted" ad on here about it. Since these things almost never die, someone has to have one...
  3. Bob H

    Clare, Michigan Sunday 8 March 2020

    GLMVPA meeting @ General Jim's Surplus / Jay's Sporting Goods. in Clare, MI. Accepting new members.
  4. Bob H

    Michigan - Annual MV Show & Swap - August 3,4 & 5 2018

    GLMVPA Show & Swap at General Jims Surplus / Jays Sporting Goods in Clare, MI All MV's & owners welcome! Non member vendor spaces are only $15 The Great Lakes Military Vehicle Preservation Association Proudly Presents The 22nd Annual MILITARY VEHICLE SHOW / SWAP MEET AUGUST 3, 4, & 5, 2018...
  5. Bob H

    Anyone near Leesburg VA?

    I'm interested in a CUCV in or near Leesburg VA. (private seller) Wondering if anyone is near there that would give it a once over.
  6. Bob H

    found a 1959 Curtis-Wright

    found a 1959 Curtis-Wright , water tanker with the original gasser, runs & drives. It's up for sealed bid in an out of the way area. I must be nuts, figured it to be a run of the mill deuce but when I seen it was an old gasser it made me want it more. Probably won't be high bidder but...
  7. Bob H

    Clare, Michigan Annual MV Show & Swap 8-11-17 thru 8-13-17

    Clare, Michigan Annual MV Show & Swap 8-3-17 thru 8-6-17 The Great Lakes Military Vehicle Preservation Association Proudly Presents The 21st Annual MILITARY VEHICLE SHOW / SWAP MEET AUGUST 4, 5, & 6, 2017 The public is welcome and the event is free. Come out to see some of the best...
  8. Bob H

    M882 plow truck maintenance on Veterans Day

    Scheduled a vacation day for Veterans Day! but ended up at work for the 1st half of the day. Now taking a break from working on a steel veteran this afternoon! finished up the Axle & spring install, have to get all the fluids goin' and adjust a shifter, fix a trans cooler line leak, tighten...
  9. Bob H

    bigger front springs, need source for studs

    Ran into a snag here on the M882 plow truck replacing the front springs with a set of 1 ton springs. 6 leafs now, at the differential there is one U bolt and a pair of studs on the other side. These 9/16 double threaded studs are only 3" long, which is not long enough. need at least 3-1/2" long...
  10. Bob H

    M880 tow duty

    Using it
  11. Bob H

    M886 rear heater intake for Chillydog

    Exterior grate & intake baffle Couldn't come up with a spare exhaust, here is a picture of the exhaust pipe for reference (part of complete heater setup)
  12. Bob H

    Loss of acceleration today?

    I was heading 30 miles to a MV event today, truck running fine (84 M1009) after a leg of the trip about 12 miles at 60 mph, had to make a turn. Low acceleration power, initially though that it just didn't downshift. Couple miles to a stop sign, took off pretty doggy long time to pick up speed...
  13. Bob H

    Michigan Title Issue

    I am getting reports here in Michigan that the Secretary of State is canceling registrations and recalling titles for some later model MVs, if title not returned within 15 days of notice to be changed to ORV title, the title will be canceled. It appears they are going after cetain MVs by way...
  14. Bob H

    Op LZ Michigan 8-10 July 2016 Wurtsmith AFB Oscoda, MI

    Oscoda, Michigan 8-10 July 2016 at the former Wurtsmith AFB, on site of the Wurtsmith Air Museum. All MV's welcome, on site primitive camping. Check it out! pass it along! Just announced! One of the MV owners attending with a MV will win a flight in the Huey! Flyer below...
  15. Bob H

    Michigan 8-10 July '16 Operation LZ Michigan

    It's early but mark those calendars for 8, 9 & 10 July 2016
  16. Bob H

    General Jim's Clare Show 8-14 thru 8-16-15

    Great Lakes MVPA MV Show & Swap meet General Jim's Surplus in Clare, MI August 14th - 16th
  17. Bob H

    Low Profile tires

    How small is too small?
  18. Bob H

    June 19-21, 2015 Wings Over Gaylord, MIMVPA Show

    empty thread sorry, guess I shouldn't have posted
  19. Bob H

    Axle question

    These axles are quite simular to the M135 / M211 series axles. Can the internals of the newer ones (27 spline) be swapped into the housing of the WWII ones (10 spline) ? or, Are the housings the same? Reason, broken G506 rear end & the M135 / M211 axles are easy to come by
  20. Bob H

    July 22nd - 26th, 2015 Oscoda Michigan Wurtsmith AFB Air Museum

    I am honored to coordinate the Military Vehicle participation with the American Veterans Traveling Tribute, sponsored by the Wurtsmith Air Museum & the Oscoda Legion Riders. This incredible event will start on Wednesday July 22nd @ 1500 hrs with the escort of the AVTT truck & trailer from...
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