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  1. snakehunter1964

    M1089A1 diagnostics help

    Hey folks. I have a late 90s M1089A1 that is throwing a check engine light and derating when this happens. I have a DPAIII Plus and the software but am wary of trying to connect it to the truck as I don't know where to connect it. The kit has a lot of adapter cables and the ICE...
  2. snakehunter1964

    Transport a Non-running M1078 from 50131 to 75125

    She's all paid for at Gov Planet and ready to come home. Thanks Mark
  3. snakehunter1964

    First Deuce renovation - with pics

    After having 1 deuce for 3 years, I decided to buy a few recently "off the base" trucks and have some green iron fun. This was a really nice solid running truck with a winch so I thought my first project would be a fast of tasks. What I figured would be a few...
  4. snakehunter1964

    Thought I had seen it all: Hydraulic Head fun

    I bought 5 non-runners and after finding 3 hydraulic heads defunct. Unfortunately, with 2 of the HHs, the plunger got damaged on removal. They were that stuck. But on the 3rd one, here is what I found. Now, the magic question is where I get a spare clip?
  5. snakehunter1964

    M923 Crew Cab anyone?

    Drove an M923 5 blocks yesterday and was hooked. Those MV/Ts make it feel like a whole different class of truck than I imagined (after playing with a Deuce for 3 years). I want to build one a crew cab. Now I have to get a CDL :cookoo: I feel like an evil redneck scientist. Gotta run, I...
  6. snakehunter1964

    Expanding the remuda - Steel Soldier style.

    Well, it took me almost 3 years, but I finally got a couple more ponies for my string. Well, 1 and 3/4 more anyhow. The stripped truck has a whistler on it that seems tight. The full truck looks to have a stuck plunger in the IP so it looks like it's time to disassemble and rectify. After...
  7. snakehunter1964

    Painting an Air Force Deuce

    Name your poison Fellas. I have an 1987 air force Deuce that has a really sad desert tan paint job. I think those air force boys painted it with mops and push brooms. I've sanded down the runs, bad spots and cleaned up the little bit of surface rust and it's ready for a new coat of...
  8. snakehunter1964

    How did my deuce ever run?

    Having problems with fuel flow on warmup. It idled fine until I gave it some juice after warmup. Runs fine down the road but any extended idling time caused the same problem. If I left the lift pump running for about a minute, it would fire up and drive fine. I suppose the lift pump couldn't...
  9. snakehunter1964

    750 mile recovery on the horizon

    Good evening folks and congratulations are in order. I'm planning a road trip to pick up my first deuce from another SS member. My trip will take me from Dallas TX to Columbus GA and back. The chase car is getting prepped and I hope I have everything I need for general emergencies but if...
  10. snakehunter1964

    M35A3 question for a noob

    Hey Fellas. Someone please tell me why no one is bidding on the A3's in Wi? They're all still sitting at $150 on GL. Thanks for the ejikashun.
  11. snakehunter1964

    New member in Texas

    Howdy everyone, I've actually been a member for a week or so and have been reading so furiously that I haven't had a chance to introduce myself. I can thank a co-worker who drives his bobbed duece crewcab to work several times a week for my quest that led me to finding Steel Soldiers. I've...
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