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  1. reeddavid

    Behr Paint in Winter

    Just curious if anyone knows how the stuff holds up in a state like wisconsin. We get snow ice and plenty of salt. Sent from my LG-K450 using Tapatalk
  2. reeddavid

    Coal-Tar Epoxy?

    Wondering if anyone has any experience with the stuff. It is used in highly corrosive environments, and is relatively inexpensive. Think it would make a great frame paint.
  3. reeddavid

    Frame Paint

    Frame Paint - Coal Tar Epoxy??? Back Story - i just bought a m1009 in Wisconsin. Has minimal rust on frame, but some is present. I want to coat it with something in order to protect it from rust. My plan is to go down to bare metal. What should I coat it with?? There is a lot of salt spread...
  4. reeddavid

    CARC Questions

    I have a few questions about CARC paint. Can civilians buy Sherwin Williams Carc Type 2? How will CARC hold up in harsh winters with road salt compared to other paints? Assuming proper prep
  5. reeddavid

    My new M1008 and a Gazillion questions

    This is kind of a lame question, but what is the best way to put cup holders in a m1008 without bolting into the dash? *** A little info *** I am a 15 year old that will be getting my license in November. This is my first vehicle.
  6. reeddavid

    m1009 Tires?

    What is the largest tire that can be put on with no lift, but fenders can be trimmed? Thanks
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